Keeping It Real: New Job Jitters

Tomorrow I officially start my new job as a long term care dietitian.  I guess technically I started today – although all I did was fill out new hire paperwork (read: boring tax documents) and get a super quick tour of the building.

I’m going to be a part-time (3 days per week) employee of Healthcare Services Group, Inc.  The facility I’m working at is called St. Anthony Healthcare Center.  It is a really nice long term care facility – very clean, the nursing stations are super organized (reminds me of the pods at Henry Ford Hospital), and smells… good?  I don’t know if you can really classify a nursing home as smelling “good” per se… but it doesn’t smell bad!

It sounds to me like the kitchen staff is going to be super nice, but they are going to test me.  That’s okay… I think I can handle it.  I’m more nervous about the regional/district dietitians/managers testing my knowledge.  It’s been quite a while since I stretched my clinical nutrition muscles… it took me a few seconds too long to come up with “Juven” today when discussing a high protein diet for my cat.

Speaking of the kitty cat… update on Bella:  She ripped her stitches out, so when we brought her in on Saturday to get the drains taken out they had to keep her to re-stitch her.  The vet said she put close to 60 stitches in my poor kitty’s belly!  The vet suggested we get a dog crate to keep her in to prevent her from jumping – which is how she ripped her stitches the first time.  We tried it, and it failed MISERABLY.  Bella went crazy in the cage and ripped her e-collar (aka the “cone of shame”)  off.  We had to keep a 24/7 watch on her, which meant I slept terribly the last couple of nights.  Today we took her back to the vet because she ripped open a couple more stitches, and the stitches were oozing and red. :(  My poor cat… she’s still at the vet, they are keeping her for who knows how long… until they find out what bug she has, how to attack it, and how to heal her and make her better.  I feel like a failure as a cat mom.

Wish me luck for my first REAL day on the job tomorrow!  I start at 9am – I have a funny feeling that it is going to be an overwhelming kind of day…


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