Keeping It Real: Oh Baby! wonder how many brides out there can sympathize with me on this one… when you got engaged, the first question asked after the congratulations was “When is the wedding?” For me, I was just too excited to be finally engaged!  I hadn’t even THOUGHT about a wedding date when I was making the announcement to friends.

And then after the wedding is over, the next big question… “So when are you having kids?”

Bah.  Sometimes I say “Never!”.  Usually I say “Not for a REALLY long time.”  It is frustrating to me that everyone is always asking about the next step rather than letting you enjoy the one you’re on right now.  Like enjoying a long engagement (ours was 2+ years!) or enjoying being newlyweds without starting your family planning.  I know that everybody marches to the beat of their own drummer, and that for some people becoming a parent right away is their plan.  For others, becoming parents has absolutely nothing to do with being married anyway!

For us… it’s up in the air.  We don’t know if we want to start a family or not.  Some days (like today) I really want to have at least one baby, maybe two… but probably no more than that.  Other days I don’t care.  And still some others I really don’t want to have kids – I don’t want to bring anyone else into this world, and I don’t want to have to worry about any more people than I already do!  Yeah, those are the selfish, “I hate the world” days.

What inspired this post was seeing something about “popular baby names”… it made me think of a conversation I had with my husband before the wedding.  He was singing “Jack and Diane” and for some reason we started talking about what we’d name our kids.  I said, “Well if we had a boy, not Jack!” and he said “Why not?  Jack Hammis… I like the sound of that!”  My reply was: “All of your friends call you and your brother ‘Hammer’… if we name our kid Jack, they are gonna call him ‘Jackhammer!'”  And boy was my husband elated about that one…

It’s kind of fun dreaming about baby names.  It’s kinda like planning a wedding and posting things on Pinterest.  What would I name my kid?  Boys names I like: Jack, Aiden, Trent.  Girls are harder, maybe Lily or Lillian after my grandmother.  Ken likes Alyssa.

For now its just dreams… but who knows, maybe someday we will start our own little family.

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