Keeping It Real: Seven Years, Still Going Strong

If you had told me when I started my job at a music store back in 2004 that I would marry the guy that let me in on my first day, I would have laughed at you.  “Seriously?  The guy who carries around a gallon of chocolate milk all day??”  Yep.  Serious as a heart attack.  The guy with the ever present gallon of chocolate milk, the guy who I told I would never go out, that is the guy that I would marry.

Our relationship has been far from traditional and even further from perfect.  We have had so many ups and downs, setbacks and triumphs.  We have been together at our worst, and been the very best versions of ourselves together.  So much has happened in the last seven years.

Even though I would have laughed at the thought of marrying him back in June of 2004, it wasn’t long after that when I realized I couldn’t live without him.  When I finally fell for him, I fell fast and hard.  I will never forget when I first knew I loved him, when we first said “I love you.”  I will never forget how much I missed him when he was gone, a feeling I honestly never had about any other guy I had dated.  And truthfully, we weren’t really “dating”.  We didn’t have a label.  Our relationship was a bit scandalous in the beginning, you could say.

And then we weren’t together.  For 8 or 9 long months I didn’t speak to him.  But when we finally reconnected, it was almost as if no time had passed.  We were back to being us, but even better.

And finally, in October of 2006, we decided we could make it official.  We decided then that there would be no one else, nothing else better than to be together.  And to keep with our extremely non-traditional ways, we decided to pick our own anniversary.  For us, no day could be better than our favorite holiday, so we chose Halloween.

So while everyone else is dressing up, passing out candy and enjoying the tricks and treats of October 31st, I am remembering the last 7 years with the love of my life.  The man that makes each day worth living, who makes each memory even sweeter, who protects me, supports me, and loves me completely unconditionally.

I am so proud to be your wife Ken, and I look forward to what the next 7 years (and beyond!) will bring for us.


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