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Project 365: May 4-13, 2014

I decided to re-start my Project 365.  I did GREAT for the first 11 days… then missed a day… took a photo… missed 4 days… took a photo… missed 3 days… and now I’m back at it again.


  1. 5/4/14: Bella in her carrier on our way home from up north – hilarious pose!
  2. 5/5/14: The beautiful Bradford Pear tree in our front yard.
  3. 5/6/14: The Silver Maple tree in our back yard “from down low” (FMS Photo-a-Day prompt)
  4. 5/7/14: A pile of bushes/shrubs that my husband pulled out of our gardens, yikes!
  5. 5/8/14: This is what 10 yards of dirt looks like.
  6. 5/9/14: My husband and his brother after we unexpectedly tore down our shed – the wind blew it over!
  7. 5/10/14: Burning the remains of our shed for a bonfire at a family get together.
  8. 5/11/14: Continuing a “mother”s day tradition by planting flowers that I bought with my mom (FMS Photo-a-Day prompt)
  9. 5/12/14: How much is that kitty in the window??
  10. 5/13/14: My husband hung up mini-blinds in our bathroom!  No more birthday suit shows for the neighbors! :)

I am hoping to stick with this – especially now that I have figured out a super cute way to make collages of my photos!  I also need to post to my blog more, so hopefully if I keep this going it will help.

Oh and by the way… I am still banking my miles, don’t you worry.  And I am a rock-star at it!!

Check out the side bar on my blog – I added two new countdowns.  A countdown to my next race (The Little Foot) and a countdown to my first half marathon (The Mid-Land Half)!!!



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