Project 365

Project 365: May 14-June 3, 2014


11. 5/14/14: Showing off my tan lines – this is the first summer in a long time that I have actually gotten a bit of a tan!

12. 5/16/14: Watching Silver Linings Playbook.

13. 5/21/14: Yeah, you can expect a lot of pictures of my cat in this project.

14. 5/24/14: Sunset at my parents’ place up north.

15. 5/25/14: My dog, laying in the hole he dug himself on the side of the house to keep cool.

16. 5/26/14: Another picture of my dog Iggy, my “pet”. (FMS Photo-a-Day prompt)

17. 5/27/14: Watching the pilot of The Night Shift.

18. 6/1/14: Going to church always brings me “joy” and peace. (FMS Photo-a-Day prompt)

19. 6/2/14: What am I “doing”?  Admiring our hard work in our garden! (FMS Photo-a-Day prompt)

20. 6/3/14: My beautiful best friend, her husband, and the newest edition to their “family”! (FMS Photo-a-Day prompt)



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