Three Years Down, A Lifetime to Go

Every year on our wedding anniversary, I update our wedding website with a little “recap” of our year. This year for our three year anniversary I’m bringing that recap to my blog.

We celebrated our 2 year anniversary by celebrating another wonderful couple, our friends Kyle and Jess, as they exchanged vows on their wedding day 9/19/14. We also met with our friends Brad and Ashley (who also celebrated their one year wedding anniversary this year) for lunch over the weekend. Our anniversary celebrations have been a little low key, but that’s okay – that’s just right for us.

Speaking of love… we sure celebrated a lot of love this year! In April, one of my very best friends Jacklyn got engaged to her best friend. They are getting married in just 12 short days on October 4th – they don’t mess around! I had the privilege of standing up in my friend Heather’s wedding on May 1st. It was the most perfect day and we threw together an awesome wedding in a very short period of time! That same weekend, our nephew Kyle proposed to his girlfriend Kelsey. They are planning a September 2016 wedding. In July, my brother-in-law’s brother got married – they had a seriously Pinterest worthy wedding in North Carolina! Then on August 1st (my sister and brother-in-law’s anniversary) we were able to celebrate with my friend Miles as he married Amanda. Their reception hall was absolutely TO DIE FOR, and Ken and I already have plans to have a celebration there in the future. Later in August, I took my niece Stacy with me to my friend Ali’s wedding. There were some very unexpected events at her wedding, and it rained a little bit, but Ali looked like a princess (and felt like one too, she said so herself when I asked!) and the love between her and Caleb was just magical. Stacy and I had an awesome time and even ran into our cousin Bethany, who was celebrating her bachelorette party! Just a couple of days ago I went to Bethany and Mario’s wedding, another beautiful day full of love. And like I said… in 12 short days, I will be standing beside my dear friend Jacklyn as she marries her soulmate on October 4th.

And there wasn’t just love in the form of weddings and engagements, but plenty of love in the form of beautiful babies! Both of Ken’s best men’s wives announced they were expecting this winter, and both gave birth to sons this summer, and… wait for it… BOTH of their sons are named Jack! We just had the opportunity to visit Randy and meet one of the Jacks, and gosh is he cute as can be! I knew a lot of people who announced they were pregnant this year, lots of babies were born, in fact too many to name. We are now waiting patiently for October when Ken’s nephew Eric and his wife Trish will welcome their son Christian into the world!

I had a lot of personal accomplishments and changes this year, too. I started a new job as a bariatric dietitian in November. In April I was baptized in the Catholic faith. This summer I had some huge personal bests in running. I got a few PR’s for 5k’s, I ran the Cedar Point 5k that I have been wanting to run for years, and I ran my longest race ever – the Crim 10 miler!

As usual, we enjoyed some great concerts this summer. Ken worked his butt off once again, including working a 12 show run of Kid Rock at DTE Energy Music Theater. My sister and I had a “sister day” spent taking family pictures and going to the Barenaked Ladies concert. I took my niece Lorraine, my niece Haley, and Lorraine’s friend Moriah to the Third Eye Blind/Dashboard Confessional concert which was absolutely amazing, one of my favorite concerts ever. I went to Horde festival to see 311 and got to see one of my friends from college that I haven’t seen in many, many years, as well as my usual 311 family!

My best friend Kristine and her family moved to Pittsburgh this spring, which has been hard. My niece Lorraine also moved to Philadelphia this summer. What is with the state of Pennsylvania taking my loved ones away from me!?!? Just an excuse to go visit those awesome cities… I have plans in the works!

We celebrated being homeowners for a year. Ken has put a ton of work into our yard, creating new gardens and planting tons of perrennials. We also got new windows, which have really dressed up our house and helped with our energy efficiency! Speaking of efficiency, we decided to trade in our gas-sucking TrailBlazer for a new fuel efficient Cruze. So far I am absolutely loving it!

We had to say goodbye to our family dog Iggy in May, which was hard, but he lived a very good, very long life. My sister’s dog Slava also crossed the rainbow bridge. May they both rest in peace!

Just a few weeks ago, I brought a super sweet, super tiny little kitty to my parents! We thought it was a “he” but it turned out to be a “she” and her name is Miss Kit-Tee!

Dang! It has been a heck of a year… a bit of a rollercoaster with some really great ups and a few low points. I couldn’t have chosen anyone better to spend this year with, though – I am so grateful for my husband, and cannot wait to see what the next three years (and a lifetime more) have in store for us!

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