December 2017 Training Recap

Happy New Year everyone! ​I hope that everyone had a great time celebrating the end of 2017 and welcoming 2018. I know a lot of people who finished of 2017 with huge running accomplishments: anywhere from running odd distances to end up with an even number of miles for the year, running 20.17 miles, racing, … Continue reading December 2017 Training Recap

Goals for 2017: Accomplished?

With only a few days left in 2017, let's look back and see how I did on my goals. Improve My Health Exceed my run/walk mileage for 9/12 months from 2016, even if it is just by a tenth of a mile. My ultimate goal is to make 2017 a 730 mile year! CRUSHED IT! I … Continue reading Goals for 2017: Accomplished?

50 Races

My friend Staci has a goal to run 50 races before she turns 50. When she told me about this goal it made me curious to see how many races I had done so far, and when I counted them up I realized I was really close to 50 myself! This then led to a … Continue reading 50 Races