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A Stay at Home Update from RD on the Run

The last time I posted as about my alcohol free journey - I was 60 days alcohol free at that moment, as I write to you today I am 94 days alcohol free. A) I'm pretty freakin' proud of this accomplishment and B) I'm pretty freakin' bummed that I haven't written anything in a month.… Continue reading A Stay at Home Update from RD on the Run

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50 States Half Marathon Club

My friend Jenny is planning to run a half marathon (or longer) in all 50 states, and I told her I'd love to help her complete her list. What was I thinking?! We spent the ride home from our Cedar Point trip in 2016 coming up with half marathons+ to do in every state! Alabama… Continue reading 50 States Half Marathon Club

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Race Recap: Riverbank Run 25k

It's been a week now since the Riverbank Run 25k in Grand Rapids. We all run races for different reasons. I rarely finish races for the same reason that I started them. I'm not a highly competitive person, not even with myself. I have my moments but for the most part I just take every… Continue reading Race Recap: Riverbank Run 25k