February 2018 Training Recap

February was a month of redemption for your RD on the Run.  I got back to running at least 3-4 days per week and even started to incorporate some cross training. I ran two races, neither were PRs but both were enjoyable in their own way. I finally managed a couple of double digit runs. … Continue reading February 2018 Training Recap


January 2018 Training Recap

We are halfway through February and I still have not updated with my January training recap! Whew! A lot has been going on in my life, and unfortunately my training has taken a solid hit, that's for sure. But as for January, the month started off strong, as it usually does. I pretty much stuck … Continue reading January 2018 Training Recap

December 2017 Training Recap

Happy New Year everyone! ​I hope that everyone had a great time celebrating the end of 2017 and welcoming 2018. I know a lot of people who finished of 2017 with huge running accomplishments: anywhere from running odd distances to end up with an even number of miles for the year, running 20.17 miles, racing, … Continue reading December 2017 Training Recap


November 2017 Training Recap

​We have reached the final month of 2017 so it is time to recap my November training. In summary: it kinda sucked. I started off strong and then completely fizzled out towards the end. I do not plan on letting that happen in December! I want to finish the year off strong. Here's my recap … Continue reading November 2017 Training Recap


October 2017 Training Recap

How in the world is it already November? It seems like the month of October flew right by. It was a busy month, with a 5k to start and finish it and a little marathon in the middle. ;) While it does seem like October was a whirlwind, at the same time it feels like … Continue reading October 2017 Training Recap


September 2017 Training Recap

Today is October 1st, one of my favorite days of the year. September and October are my favorite months... I love autumn! The back to school excitement, football, cooler temperatures... wait, I'm sorry... This September we got a blast of summer the week fall officially started with temperatures in the 90s! And what did I … Continue reading September 2017 Training Recap


August 2017 Training Recap

It is officially the last day of August. Kids have started going back to school this week, and my summer loving friends are already annoyed with my excitement over football, sweatshirts and all things pumpkin. August officially started my marathon-only training and unfortunately has ended with a possible injury. We'll see what I find out … Continue reading August 2017 Training Recap