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August, September & October 2021 Training Recap

I haven't done one of these training recaps since AUGUST for June & July. I have not really felt inspired to write a whole lot. My training has gone very well, though. I'm definitely slower than I used to be, but that is definitely to be expected considering everything that has happened and how my… Continue reading August, September & October 2021 Training Recap

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Training for my 6th Marathon: A Recap

Here we are. I can't believe it - tomorrow I will be running my 6th marathon. 20+ weeks of training for this grand finale. I set a lot of goals for my social media in 2021, thinking that this year would have to be a lot better than 2020. In a lot of ways, it… Continue reading Training for my 6th Marathon: A Recap

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June & July 2021 Training Recap

Where has the time gone!? I haven't updated my blog since the end of June and suddenly it is already August. My running mileage has been pretty consistent over the last few months. I have varied back and forth on what kind of cross training I am doing. Recent Garmin badge challenges have helped me… Continue reading June & July 2021 Training Recap

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January 2020 Training Recap

January was filled with ups and downs, successes and opportunities for improvement. My plans and goals changed throughout the month and I adapted to them. Honestly, the month started strong and fizzled out towards the end, and I’m okay with that. (That’s some self-care for my February challenge right there!) I ended the month with… Continue reading January 2020 Training Recap

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November and December 2020 Training Recap

It has been well over a year since I did one of these. I guess you could call 2020 sort of a "rebuilding" year for me. With so many races canceled and plans changing constantly, I felt uninspired. I honestly thought, "Why bother with boring my followers with numbers and stats with no fun race… Continue reading November and December 2020 Training Recap

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July 2019 Training Recap

Here we are, halfway through August, and I am just getting around to writing my July training recap. I also am realizing that I have slacked on updating my blog lately. I haven't done race recaps for any of the races that I ran in July. I haven't shared my thoughts on anything in a… Continue reading July 2019 Training Recap