My Running Bucket List

Thanks to some wonderful running friends, and 2016 being an incredible year for me running, I have started collecting ideas for races I would like to run some day in my life!

  1. Grand Rapids MarathonThis was originally going to be my first marathon. I ended up choosing to run the Detroit International Marathon instead. I have heard great things about this course and plan on running it some day!
  2. Detroit Thanksgiving Day Turkey TrotI think this would be one of those “do it to say you did it once” races because after the craziness of the Detroit Marathon, I can only imagine what Detroit would be like during this race!
  3. Mackinac Island 8 MileI have never been to Mackinac island, and I thought a run around the island would be really awesome. Apparently if you also do the other two big races on Mackinac you get a special medal… hmmm… (all about that bling!)
  4. Mackinac Island Great Turtle 1/2 MarathonSee above about the 8 mile. I have heard this 1/2 Marathon is a challenging course being a trail run, but I have also heard that it is incredibly fun.
  5. Mackinac Island Lilac Festival 10kThe third race (well technically I guess this is the first) in the RunMackinac Island Trio of races. This was not originally on my race, but after I found out if you do all three races you get a special medal… hmm!
  6. Fifth Third Bank River Bank Run – 25kMy first 25k! It was a tough race for many reasons but I came out of it really loving the spirit of running and I’m stronger in so many ways. I can’t wait to do it again!
  7. Detroit Free Press MarathonThis race was my first 26.2 on 10/16/16 – and also the first race on this bucket list to get crossed off! :) And I applied to be a Race Ambassador in 2017, so I may be running it a second time.
  8. Sleeping Bear MarathonI camped with my dad and my brother at Sleeping Bear Dunes when I was a kid and remember how beautiful it was. I’m not sure if I am quite ready for the challenging marathon course, but some day I’d like to do at least one of the races in the series.
  9. National Cherry Festival Festival of RacesI have gone with my family and friends to the cherry festival in Traverse City a few times. It is a very busy festival, but worth it, because Traverse City is such a gorgeous place and we love seeing the air show. There is a 5k, 10k, 15k and a half marathon.
  10. Escape to Belle IsleBelle Isle is a beautiful and historic place. I was bummed that during the Detroit Marathon it was raining, cold, and windy when we were on Belle Isle, so I didn’t feel like I enjoyed it to its fullest. This race benefits a great cause – the Ronald McDonald House of Detroit.
  11. Vineyard to Bay 25kAnother 25k makes the list! And another race in the Traverse City area. The race just sounds absolutely beautiful and I have a feeling wine may be involved…
  12. Tahqua Trail RunI went to Tahquamenon Falls when I was 19 and absolutely loved it. Ever since then I have wanted to run this race! It is such a beautiful place.
  13. The Pittsburgh MarathonMy best friend lives in Pittsburgh and when I visited her, I fell in love with the city. She is planning to move back to Michigan so I would love to run this race before she moves back!
  14. A Walt Disney World race!My running group friends have told me incredible stories about these races. They are definitely not cheap, but according to them it is an experience you’ll never forget, and they really pull out all the stops in true Disney style from start to finish!
  15. A Ragnar RaceRunning in shifts, day and night, sleeping in a van… sounds like a TON of fun!! The best part in my opinion are the medals. Each person on your team gets a medal and they fit together to form a puzzle. That’s like, the COOLEST Best Friends necklace I have ever heard of!
  16. The Chicago MarathonChicago is another one of my favorite cities, and this marathon is known throughout the world. I would be incredibly honored to run this race some day.
  17. A Rock n Roll Marathon raceThese events happen in some awesome cities, and they feature live music. I mean – what could be better than combining two of my favorite things?!
  18. The Philadelphia MarathonAnother destination race that I have heard wonderful things about. Plus, two of my friends live in Philly and my niece lives there too!
  19. Charlevoix MarathonThis race was actually featured in Runners World for one of the best small marathons in the U.S.
  20. Martian Invasion of RacesMy friend Maggie actually WON this marathon a few years ago. I have heard great things about it, and the race swag is really awesome.
  21. The Flying Pig MarathonJust the name itself… I mean come on. I have heard that the Cincinatti hills are brutal, but I’m up for the challenge. This race was also featured in Runners World as a good marathon to put on your bucket list, so here it is!
  22. Little Rock MarathonArkansas’ Race for All Paces! The marathon has a time limit of 8 hours – wow. And they are known for their race bling, having the largest medals of all. My brother lives about 70 miles from Little Rock, so just an excuse to visit loved ones while doing something I love!
  23. Hungerford Games RacesThis is a trail race that features a half marathon, marathon and 50 mile ultra marathon. I won’t say anything about running an ultra (because I have learned that as a runner if you ever say you’ll NEVER do something that means you’re definitely going to) but this race is located very close to where my parents live and from what I have heard is a gorgeous course. They also have some awesome finisher medals made out of wood!