Goals for 2017

Goals for 2017

Happy New Year! Once again, I’m here with my goals for the year. I did a pretty darn good job crushing my goals in 2016, and I hope to do the same again this year.

Improve My Health

  1. Exceed my run/walk mileage for 9/12 months from 2016, even if it is just by a tenth of a mile. My ultimate goal is to make 2017 a 730 mile year! The more I run, the more my running will improve.
  2. Reach a goal of running/walking 100 miles in one month. Last year I almost hit this goal – and I am determined to actually do it this year!
  3. Get a PR at the Detroit marathon. I ran my first marathon in 2016 just to say I could do it. Now I want to beat my time!
  4. Complete one race (of any type) each month. Racing really helps to improve my running by having goals to hit, and this will be 3 years in a row accomplishing this goal!!
  5. Reach my goal of a “normal” BMI by my 30th birthday. Increased activity and better eating has really helped my running. I felt my absolute best not at my lowest weight as an adult, but when my BMI was considered “normal” – it was more maintainable than my lowest weight. I know that this will also help with my running.

Expand my Brain

  1. Do some continuing education every month – whether it is reading a nutrition related article, attending a webinar, or going to a training/conference. This is important not only to keep me up to date in nutrition, but also to maintain my RDN status.
  2. Read a book every month – new or re-visit one I haven’t read in a long time. This was a goal I had for myself in 2016 that I didn’t accomplish, and I want to work on doing it again!

Home Improvement

  1. Finish organizing the office and get furniture so it can be used as a second guest room. This was on my goals for 2016 and although we did clean it and organize it a bit, it still is not done.
  2. Finish organizing the basement. Ken got a great start by building shelves but we really need to go through all of our stuff and throw away what we don’t use/want/need anymore!
  3. Set up a workout room in our basement. Currently we have a treadmill and weight bench in the basement, but ideally I’d like the heavy bag to go down there and to get a TV so we can do workout videos down there too.
  4. Paint our bedroom. We did paint our living room this year and I’d really like to paint our bedroom. Even though purple is my favorite color, I’d like a little bit more subdued version of it!
  5. Decorate the walls – maybe with my medals! My race medals currently hand on knobs in the office. I’d love to display them somewhere in the house.

Have Some Fun & Build Relationships

  1. See 311 in concert. I hope this year they make up for the concert getting cut short in 2016!
  2. Get away somewhere for a weekend with Ken. We actually have not done something just the two of us away from home in a long time. Those trips are wonderful for relationship building.
  3. Visit my out of town friends at least 6 times. What this really should say is – visit my friends at least 6 times! Because all of them are out of town now. :(
  4. Visit my parents at least 6 times. I hope to make this happen more often because life is not guaranteed and we never know how much longer we have with our parents.
  5. Go somewhere that I have never been to before. I did this in 2015 and I’m so glad I did! I am bummed that I didn’t really get to do this in 2016, but hopefully I will be able to do it this year!
  6. Post 50 blogs this year. I have not been great at posting on a regular basis and I do want to pot more. I think it has helped that I have “re-branded” my blog to be more running focused, this that seems to be very central in my life.
  7. Complete an Instagram Project 365. I did this in 2016 and I am so proud of myself! This year I plan to do a little twist and do a Project 365 entirely consisting of selfies. :D
  8. Get together with the Fab Four at least once. We are talking about getting together again for Jacklyn’s birthday.
  9. Celebrate Christmas Eve Eve with Kyle. This actually was a tradition for us in high school – we would go shopping at Meijer – and we decided to bring it back this year.
  10. Binge watch Supernatural until I am caught up. Matt and Paula really want me to get into this series and I am trying, I really am!
  11. Watch all of the seasons of Gilmore Girls. Several people have suggested this series to me, also, so I want to watch them.
  12. Visit Jacklyn in her new home in Gaylord. Maybe this will be our Fab Four get together this year!
  13. Visit Lorraine and JD in Philly. Currently have the weekend of April 1st on the radar – Blue October is playing in Philly that day, plus that is right before JD’s 30th birthday!
  14. Go to Cedar Point. We have a pretty big group planning to do the Cedar Point 5k this year and I am super excited!

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