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Race Recap: Covid 25k

When 2020 started, or as my sister would say "in the before times", my goal for this year was to see if I could run a marathon in 5 hours or less. It was a steep, but not unreasonable goal for me. My current best marathon was at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon in November 2019… Continue reading Race Recap: Covid 25k


I’m going streaking… run streaking for mental health!

In 2018 and 2019, I participated in the Still I Run May Run Streak to break the stigma surrounding mental health. The world is a very different place in May 2020, and the need to raise awareness about mental health, the need for mental health care, and suicide prevention may be more important than ever.… Continue reading I’m going streaking… run streaking for mental health!


Adjusting to the New Normal

Two months ago, COVID-19 was barely on my radar. Then, suddenly, it was all I heard about and seemed like all I talked about. I knew things would be changing, but I had no idea how much or in what ways. There were some things that I expected - like concerts and races being postponed… Continue reading Adjusting to the New Normal

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A Stay at Home Update from RD on the Run

The last time I posted as about my alcohol free journey - I was 60 days alcohol free at that moment, as I write to you today I am 94 days alcohol free. A) I'm pretty freakin' proud of this accomplishment and B) I'm pretty freakin' bummed that I haven't written anything in a month.… Continue reading A Stay at Home Update from RD on the Run

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My Alcohol Free Journey

I have been alcohol free for 60 days. It all started with something called "Dry January". A friend of mine had gone one month alcohol free (or "AF" as she called it) earlier in 2019. She decided to start 2020 off sober and posted on her Facebook asking if anyone was interested in joining and… Continue reading My Alcohol Free Journey