Hi!  My name is Megan, and I am a Registered Dietitian.  [Don’t know what a RD is, or don’t understand the difference between a “registered dietitian” and a “nutritionist”?  Check out this page on the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website to find out more.]  I completed my Bachelor of Science in Dietetics at Central Michigan University, my dietetic internship at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, MI, and currently hold a position as an outpatient dietitian in a bariatric surgery program.

A lot of people make a lot of assumptions about what makes someone a dietitian.  Let me tell you some of the stereotypes that don’t fit me – at all!

  1. Dietitians are skinny.  Not me!!  If you put my height and weight on a BMI chart, I’m considered “overweight” and have even bordered on “obese”.  I’ve struggled with eating healthy and being fit since I was in high school.  But that doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to eat healthy and how to be fit.  I’m using this blog and my new career as a way to show my patients that I am healthy and fit – no matter what size I am, no matter what the number on the scale – and hopefully that will inspire them rather than frustrate them.
  2. Dietitians are all gourmet chefs.  No way… no how!  The kitchen really intimidates me, which is probably some of the reason I struggle to eat better.  I love baking though, especially the licking the bowl part!  But do as I say, not as I do… lick the bowl at your own risk:  raw eggs may contain salmonella, a foodborne illness.
  3. Dietitians are detail oriented, over-achievers.  I can be detail oriented, and I do get motivated to do certain projects, but most of the time I’m just plain lazy.  I think this goes back to the first and second stereotypes of dietitians and explains why I don’t fit the mold.

So, now you know the things that I’m not… here are the things that I am:  I am passionate about health, nutrition and food.  I love helping people.  I love teaching and seeing the “lightbulb” turn on for my patients when they learn something new about nutrition.  I support health and beauty at EVERY size and try not to judge anyone on their outward appearance because it’s been done to me since day one.

What makes me a “real” dietitian, is that I’m realistic.  I understand that not all of my patients, family and friends are going to be able to try all of these super amazing whole food recipes that so many food bloggers love to post about.  A lot of them cannot afford certain ingredients, don’t have time because they are working several jobs to be able to make ends meet, or are intimidated by the kitchen and the gym just like I am!  My body shape and size is more similar to most of the patients I’ve seen, to my friends and family, and the majority of people out there.  I hope that all of these characteristics that I possess make me a good role model to my patients.  I will continue to strive to be the best “me” I can be, and that’s why I call myself “The Keeping It Real Dietitian”.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Melissa says:

    Just happened to come across your blog, thanks for sharing! I am actually from Novi, MI and currently live in TN working towards becoming a Dietitian myself!!! :-)

  2. RD Foodie says:

    Thank you for “keeping it real!” As a fellow RD myself, I am constantly seeing the stereotypes of what a Dietitian should be! I love how you completely are honest….we have the knowledge- but doesn’t mean we need to be sticks!

  3. Karla says:

    This boosted my mood 100%! I am working on getting my bachelor’s in Nutritional Science. Last night, I had an awkward ecounter with a classmate (who is dietitian) and she told me I must be a “do as I say, not as I do” type of person because I decided to have a treat while I was out celebrating the end of a tough semester! I let it get to my head today and started thinking that maybe she was right. My head began flooding with stereotypes and I started to get very down on myself. This post helped me get out of that funk and reminded me that I am also passionate about nutrition and helping others :)

  4. nategutman says:


    I’m an indie author who’s starting up a podcast that seeks to determine the link between dreams and food called, “To Eat, Perchance to Dream.” It’s a light-hearted, humorous attempt to see what foods influence dreams and how.

    I stumbled upon your blog and I think you would be a perfect guest for one of our first episodes. I would only need about thirty minutes of your time via Skype, and the questions and conversations will be very loose and informal. Mostly about how you became interested in dietetics, a few nutrition tips, and what food’s connection is to dreams, if any.

    It would be amazing if you could grace us with your presence–of course, on your own schedule. If you’re interested, please send me an email at nategutman.author@gmail.com.


    Nate Gutman

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