My Inspiring Mentor

When I first met Maggie, I had no idea that she was a runner. In fact, I'm not sure if SHE even knew that she was a runner. Or at least, she had no idea what she was capable of. We met in January 2012 when she hired me as a part time dietitian in … Continue reading My Inspiring Mentor


One Week To Go…

With officially less than 7 days until I run the Glass City Marathon in Toledo, Ohio, I find myself reflecting on the similarities and differences between my training for each of my marathons. I am looking back on my training for this marathon feeling like it flew by and feeling like, did I do enough? … Continue reading One Week To Go…

Redemption 2018

"Redemption" and "redeem" have many definitions. For instance, many people think of being saved from sin, or something otherwise religious when they hear the word. Or they might think of getting something back - like redeeming a coupon. Many of the definitions center around faults, mistakes, guilt or rescue. I have chose REDEMPTION as my … Continue reading Redemption 2018

Goals for 2018

I have debated about whether or not I wanted to post an official "Goals for 2018" list. It seems like in years past although I have posted goals I haven't really kept up with them throughout the year. Then when December comes and I look back, sometimes I'm surprised by what I've accomplished, and sometimes … Continue reading Goals for 2018