January 2018 Training Recap

We are halfway through February and I still have not updated with my January training recap! Whew! A lot has been going on in my life, and unfortunately my training has taken a solid hit, that's for sure. But as for January, the month started off strong, as it usually does. I pretty much stuck … Continue reading January 2018 Training Recap


Race Recap: Winterlaufe 8k 2018

I have run a lot of races - 59 to be exact - and there are not many races that I have done more than once or twice. Winterlaufe is an exception to that. I have run Winterlaufe every year since 2015. It was my first ever 8k and holds a special place in my … Continue reading Race Recap: Winterlaufe 8k 2018

Goals for 2018

I have debated about whether or not I wanted to post an official "Goals for 2018" list. It seems like in years past although I have posted goals I haven't really kept up with them throughout the year. Then when December comes and I look back, sometimes I'm surprised by what I've accomplished, and sometimes … Continue reading Goals for 2018