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Banking the Miles: It’s All Downhill From Here!


May was an awesome month for running.  I averaged about 10 miles per week, which is the best I have ever done.  In the past it’s been like… oooh, this week I ran about 14 miles and the next week I manage 6 if I am lucky.  But I have been more consistent in my training.

Besides the obvious accomplishment of banking more goals this year than last year, I also conquered Couch-2-5k.  Obviously I have run a few 5ks in my day, but the point was that I had never finished the training plan.  In fact, I started it on my phone app on 6/24/13… and I just finished it, almost a year later, on 5/17/14.  On 5/18/14 I started the 5k-to-10k plan and have been chugging along with that.  I am so proud of myself!

So here’s my mileage update…

  • January 2013: 18.33 miles / January 2014: 15.40 miles
  • February 2013: 2.15 miles / February 2014: 29.24 miles
  • March 2013: 27.85 miles / March 2014: 27.98 miles
  • April 2013: 41.96 miles / April 2014: 43.68 miles
  • May 2013: 45.00 miles / May 2014: 46.19 miles
  • June 2013: 32.96 miles / June 2014:
  • July 2013: 39.72 miles / July 2014:
  • August 2013: 37.90 miles / August 2014:
  • September 2013: 2.30 miles / September 2014:
  • October 2013: 4.24 miles / October 2014:
  • November 2013: 6.60 miles / November 2014:
  • December 2013: 7.73 miles / December 2014:

As you can see, it is all downhill from here.  Unless something crazy happens, I don’t think it will be a problem to beat any of my mileage from last year in the upcoming months… especially when we get to September! ;)

In all seriousness, my mileage should be creeping up.  I plan to finish the 5k-to-10k training by mid to late July, which doesn’t go by mileage but by time running.  The longest run is a full 60 minute run.  Once that is complete I will be focused on building mileage and probably will go back to a run/walk type training to prepare for my half marathon in November… hopefully a good 15 weeks of training.

I am excited for my training!

8 thoughts on “Banking the Miles: It’s All Downhill From Here!”

  1. Your 10k is going to be great! And you can totally make that half happen, I just ran my first half in April and it was so much fun. Of all the distances I’ve run, that’s been my favorite so far. I plan to do a marathon next summer. Good luck!

    1. Thank you! I actually have done a 10k, but I ran/walked it. I am hoping that this training program will get me to the point where I can run the whole distance. I never thought that I would run anything more than a 5k, and after the 10k I was hooked! I can’t wait to do the half, and maybe someday I will do a marathon… but I am very slow, and I’m not sure how I feel about running/walking for 5-6 hours!

      1. Absolutely! I remember when I first started running only being able to run/walk a mile and a half! Now I’m averaging 30 miles a week. You are totally rocking it! :-)

  2. Awesome job! Being consistent with training is definitely an accomplishment. Thanks for the motivation – I start training for my first trail half marathon tomorrow!

      1. Yeah I’m doing the muddy mink nearly sane in August – I’ve done a few road halfs and one full but this will be my first distance race on the trails! :) Good luck!!

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