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Banking the Miles 2017 – First Update!

Well I have been slacking on updating my blog – and I have also been slacking on my miles! I went hard in January, trying to walk on the treadmill almost every single day. Then in February I slowed down a bit, plus started the T25 Alpha workout – so I have not been running too much. I am still training for a half marathon and 25k that are coming up in less than 2 months… so my miles aren’t too bad, but I definitely have to step it up if I want to make my goal!

Last year I ran/walked more miles each month than I had the year before. Unfortunately I won’t be continuing that trend, but it was a good streak! I beat my miles from June 2015-January 2017 each month… that’s a 20 month streak! WOW. (Darn you Megan for breaking your streak in February. DARN YOU!) I am on pace to beat my miles from last year if I keep it up the rest of the month… with Daylight Saving Time starting, I’ll definitely be able to get more miles in during the week since it will still be light outside when I get home from work each evening!

So here’s the miles so far…

  • January 2016: 55.13 miles / January 2017: 73.83 miles
  • February 2016: 45.57 miles / February 2017: 33.39 miles
  • March 2016: 41.39 miles / March 2017: 20.55 miles so far…
  • April 2016: 61.39 miles
  • May 2016: 57.14 miles
  • June 2016: 51.5 miles
  • July 2016: 52.08 miles
  • August 2016: 96.27 miles
  • September 2016: 82.63 miles
  • October 2016: 68.17 miles
  • November 2016: 52.0 miles
  • December 2016: 41.8 miles
  • TOTAL 2016: 705 miles / TOTAL 2017: 128 so far…

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