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Stuff I Love: Toufayan Smart Pockets

I love a good sandwich, and I am always in search of a “better bang for your buck” option when it comes to bread.  A lot of times I have found products marketed as “thin” or “fit” or “smart” end up tasting quite like cardboard.  Yes, I’m excited that I’m getting a healthy serving of fiber in this product, but I really wasn’t looking forward to eating my turkey sandwich on something that tastes like recyclable material.

So the other day while I was waiting in line for my favorite deli turkey (maybe I will write a “Stuff I Love” article about that someday), I saw some different wraps and pita breads.  The Toufayan Smart Pockets caught my eye.  They were a smaller size than most of the products, and the nutrition facts were impressive.  I thought hmm… well… I’ll try them… hopefully they don’t taste like paper products…

Doesn’t that sandwich just look so delish??? Great marketing, huh?

The week of January 12th was a “hungry week” – I call it that because it was the week of payday, and after bills are paid around here there’s not much left in our bank accounts!  So for both that reason and because I wanted to eat better and feel better, I avoided eating out as much as possible and made my lunch every day.  On Monday I made tuna salad with fat free tartar sauce and put it in one of these Smart Pockets.  It was DEEEELISH!!  The next time I used one, I mixed tuna with salsa and stuffed it into the Smart Pocket.  YUM!!  And on Friday (after payday and I was able to go grocery shopping, yes!) I made egg salad, which tasted just as awesome.

Overall these are a super tasty alternative to sandwich bread or buns.  And they boast some awesome nutrition facts: only 80 calories, 1.5g fat, 5g protein and 4g fiber.  These are definitely a buy again for me!


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