Goals for 2017, Running

Banking the Miles: First Summer Update!

Today was an awesome day! I got up super early so that I could do a practice “mini triathlon” at my parents’ house. They live near lakes so we got up and headed out to the lake near the house with a swimming area so that I could get my swim in. The water was very shallow, and what wasn’t shallow was covered in weeds. It was pretty gross and freaky, but otherwise it was good to get out into open water for a swim. I probably swam about 250m based on my swim time, but I’m not really sure how far I went.

After I finished up my swim, I jumped on my bike and headed out for a 6 mile bike. I did 4 miles before stopping back at my parents’ house to pick up my dad. He decided he wanted to bike with me so we did the last 2 miles to where the annual Canadian Lakes 5k Fun Run/Walk was being held!

I was not expecting a PR at this fun run… I didn’t really care how I did. So I took off at what felt like a pretty comfortable, while slightly tough pace. Jenny caught up to me and ran with me. I started to get tired before the 1st mile was even done, but kept pushing. When I hit the first mile, I heard “one mile in 10 minutes 18 seconds” and realized, holy crap! I am pushing myself. I was not at all expecting to keep that kind of pace after swimming and biking! I ended up with a time of 34:01, a 16 second improvement from my time last year.

After the race, the girls and I hung out with my family and enjoyed a day full of good food, great conversation and lots of laughter! We had an awesome time and I can’t wait to bring more friends up to see what all Canadian Lakes has to offer!

  • January 2016: 55.13 miles / January 2017: 73.83 miles
  • February 2016: 45.57 miles / February 2017: 33.39 miles
  • March 2016: 41.39 miles / March 2017: 51.51 miles
  • April 2016: 61.39 miles / April 2017: 68.68 miles
  • May 2016: 57.14 miles / May 2017: 61.50 miles
  • June 2016: 51.50 miles / June 2017: 51.62 miles
  • July 2016: 52.08 miles
  • August 2016: 96.27 miles
  • September 2016: 82.63 miles
  • October 2016: 68.17 miles
  • November 2016: 52.0 miles
  • December 2016: 41.8 miles
  • TOTAL 2016: 705 miles / TOTAL 2017: 396.73 miles so far

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