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January 2019 Training Recap

Hey guys! It’s been a while. I made some changes to my social media in the new year and I’m still adapting to it. If you follow my Instagram (@rd_ontherun) you see all of my workout updates. I’ll figure out my blog, I promise!

January was an interesting month. We saw some brutal weather here in Michigan – ice, snow, mild temps, below freezing record breaking temps. Many of my workouts and runs were moved indoors. Despite the crazy weather I’ve stuck to my training plan and have seen great progress towards my first running goal of 2019: to run a half marathon without intervals. Let’s recap January!

  • Total Miles: 100.03 miles

It’s a new year for my “Banking the Miles” challenge! So far, so good!

  • January 2018: 66.50 miles / January 2019: 100.03 miles
  • February 2018: 74.53 miles /
  • March 2018: 89.00 miles /
  • April 2018: 70.75 miles /
  • May 2018: 100.19 miles /
  • June 2018: 78.57 miles /
  • July 2018: 79.76 miles /
  • August 2018: 136.95 miles /
  • September 2018: 137.30 miles /
  • October 2018: 80.11 miles /
  • November 2018: 63.0 miles /
  • December 2018: 103.33 miles /
  • TOTAL 2018: 1080 miles / TOTAL 2019: 100.03 miles

What was I training for? Yuengling Shamrock Dolphin Challenge – 8k and half marathon

What races did I run? None! I broke my one race per month streak!

Best performances: I am really proud of my 8 mile indoor run. Technically my long runs are supposed to be easy pace, so 60-90 seconds per mile slower than goal pace. I ran that training run at only 15 seconds per mile slower than goal pace, with a couple of walk breaks included in that.

Opportunities for improvement: I want to fit in more strength training for sure, and as always… nutrition and hydration!

What’s ahead: Although I ended my running a race every month streak, I began a new one – 100 miles in a month. If I follow my training plan, I’ll have no problem accomplishing 100 miles in February and March, and I think April, too. So we’ll see how long I can keep that going! I’ve already run my February race, but I may run another one at the end of the month – we’ll see. The next big race is 6 weeks away – The Dolphin Challenge at Yuengling Shamrock Marathon weekend (the 8k and half).

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