Goals for 2019

My Ideas, Goals and Dreams for 2019

Every year I set goals for myself… and although I find that putting it in writing makes a goal real, sometimes I’m too hard on myself when I don’t hit them. So instead I’m going to write down ideas… some may really be goals, maybe they’re just wishes and dreams… for what may come in 2019.

My first thought is with this blog. Earlier this year I transformed all of my social media. When I found out that I was an ambassador for the Detroit Free Press/Chemical Bank Marathon I wanted my social media accounts to be seamless. I got a good start by renaming everything “RD on the Run” but in 2019 I want to take it further. My Instagram will become a “business account” and link directly to my Facebook page. It will be less about my personal life and more about running and nutrition. This blog will be more active. It will become my training journal but also I hope it will be inspiring. I want to use it to share what I learn about running, other forms of movement, eating and nutrition.

I want to truly find myself as a dietitian in 2019. Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love my job. But I want to be even more passionate about it. I want to start by working on my relationship with food: reading Intuitive Eating, getting more comfortable with cooking, sharing more about that part of my life. I have ideas about where to go with my career – maybe an advanced degree, maybe a couple of certifications, maybe all of the above. I’ll save that for later.

I want to continue to work hard for my relationships – my husband, my family, my friends. 2018 was a year of healing and growth in many relationships, a year of finding out who I really am, admitting when I was struggling, and working really hard. I want this to all continue.

I want to continue to bust away our debt. We’ve done good so far, but I know we can do better. Plus, I really want to do another vacation like we did this fall – part of my goal of working on relationships is getting away together. Freedom from debt means freedom to have more experiences like that.

Last but definitely not least… running. This year I want to continue my streak of a race every month. I had considered ending that, but I am so proud of those accomplishments and want to keep them coming. I want to PR in all distances… maybe just another sub 30 5k instead of a PR there… I want to run a half marathon without run/walk intervals. I think I want to run a marathon this year… but I’m not sure which one. My heart is really pushing me towards Detroit. I just love that race, that city SO MUCH.

Speaking of Detroit… registration opens at 12:01am on 1/1/19. Tier 1 early bird pricing will be available until the limit of registrations is reached. The Motor City Challenge series returns for a second year. When the ball drops get registered! Check out the different events here: https://www.freepmarathon.com/events/

And just before that, at 11:59pm 12/31/18, the prices for the Glass City Marathon events increase! Glass City and Detroit are very complimentary with Glass City in the spring and then 6 months later in the fall you can run Detroit! That’s what yours truly did last year! Register for Glass City here: https://runsignup.com/GlassCityMarathon

Thanks for checking out my goals for the year… I’ll keep you posted as I chip away at them!

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