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April & May 2019 Training Recap

April ended with a bit of a weird feeling that hung around for a while in May. May was a busy month between doing a run streak, training to beat my 10k PR, and having fun in my social life. So although I’m a little disappointed that I did not do any blogging last month, I am not surprised, and I am okay because I was busy living my life.

So that means this blog will be a recap of both April and May, whew! Here we go!

Total April Miles: 104.41 miles

Total May Miles: 111.69 miles

So far I have continued my streak of 100 miles each month for 6 months straight. It is going to be a little more challenging to continue that streak in June and July because I’ll be doing a 5k training plan, but we’ll see how it goes. I’m going to try my hardest. Here’s what my mileage for 2019 looks like so far:

  • January 2018: 66.50 miles / January 2019: 100.03 miles
  • February 2018: 74.53 miles / February 2019: 100.12 miles
  • March 2018: 89.00 miles / March 2019: 116.26 miles
  • April 2018: 70.75 miles / April 2019: 104.41 miles
  • May 2018: 100.19 miles / May 2019: 111.69 miles
  • June 2018: 78.57 miles /
  • July 2018: 79.76 miles /
  • August 2018: 136.95 miles /
  • September 2018: 137.30 miles /
  • October 2018: 80.11 miles /
  • November 2018: 63.0 miles /
  • December 2018: 103.33 miles /
  • TOTAL 2018: 1080 miles / TOTAL 2019: 538.73 miles

What was I training for? In April I was wrapping up my training for the Glass City Owens Corning Half Marathon. In May I started the Hal Higdon Intermediate training plan for 10k with hopes of getting a PR at the Greater Midland Dow RunWalk 10k on June 1st. (Spoiler alert: my plan worked!)

What races did I run? The April Kade 8k, Glass City Owens Corning Half Marathon and Run Like an Animal 5k with My Team Triumph.

Best performances: April was kind of a strange month for me. When I ran the April Kade 8k in the disgusting sleet I thought I had accomplished a PR. Unfortunately I looked at my gun time versus my chip time for my previous PR, so I missed getting a PR that day by less than a minute. Then, I ran the Owens Corning Half Marathon without intervals and without walking at all – not even at water stations or to take my gels. I achieved another PR just 6 weeks after my last half marathon. In May I successfully followed my 10k training plan and incorporated speed training, which I had never really done before.

Opportunities for improvement: You guys know what it is! The Still I Run run streak for mental health definitely took priority and although I started May strong with cross training, it fizzled out. I’m starting a shiny new training plan tomorrow and want to incorporate strength training and yoga. I also am part of an accountability group to clean up my eating in June. I’ve been doing a little better with hydration these last couple of weeks, but the beginning of May was pretty rough.

What’s ahead: I’m starting the Hal Higdon Advanced 5k training plan tomorrow. My hope is that I can accomplish another sub 30 minute 5k for the Running to Honor 5k happening on July 27th. A PR would be awesome, too, but I would be okay with just hitting another sub 30 minute 5k. I will possibly be doing the Canadian Lakes fun run on July 6th, depending on how I’m feeling after going to a concert the night before. Training for the Detroit International Half Marathon starts Monday July 29th – my birthday! It is going to be strange to not train for the full marathon… but I am also excited to finish a heck of a lot sooner that day.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend and that you’ve all been training and racing hard! I am looking forward to seeing what this summer will bring me.

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