I’m going streaking… run streaking for mental health!

In 2018 and 2019, I participated in the Still I Run May Run Streak to break the stigma surrounding mental health. The world is a very different place in May 2020, and the need to raise awareness about mental health, the need for mental health care, and suicide prevention may be more important than ever. So you betcha I am doing the run streak again this year!

I will be running at least one mile every day in the month of May. You’ll see videos and pictures posted on my social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, and my newest obsession TikTok) detailing my journey this month, as well as talking about the tough stuff. I also plan to update this blog at least weekly and write about some topics that I have been wanting to write about for YEARS.

I have gotten a lot of questions about the Still I Run May Run Streak. I encourage you to visit the Still I Run Community’s website to learn more, but here are some answers to the questions I get the most:

  1. Yes, it is officially called a “run streak” but you do not have to run every day to participate. The run streak part of this is a way to keep participants motivated and encourage them to be posting about mental health. You can do that without running every day! A lot of people will walk, bike, swim, etc. instead of running every day. What matters most is that you’re moving and that you’re talking about mental health awareness. Talking about it helps to break the stigma and that’s the real goal of this streak!
  2. No, you don’t technically have to pay to participate. There isn’t an official log for miles, but you can get some really awesome swag if you sign up, and you do get access to an awesome Facebook community of other mental health warriors. If you do decide to pay, know that your money is being donated to directly help the mental health community.

So, who is going to come streaking with me? If you’re ready to break the stigma, let me know – I would love to follow your journey and read your posts!

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