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I got goals, big goals!

Thinking ahead to 2021 seems… a little bit silly. Making plans, setting goals, it all seems so pointless. Yeah I’m a little bit pessimistic, but aren’t we all after the s***show of a year 2020 has been? I’m just a little gun shy when it comes to planning for the future anymore.

In some ways, I think this has been a good thing for me. If you’ve followed my blog for a while you’ll know that I’m a planner. I’m always jumping from one training plan to the next, mapping out which races I plan to do for the year, coming up with goals for said races far in advance. For example, one of my goal races for 2021 is the Little Rock Marathon. I have been planning on doing this race in 2021 since 2019.

I’ll be honest. I don’t have high hopes for actually doing Little Rock Marathon this year. Registration is open and the race has plans in place to be held in person with COVID precautions in place. They have made it clear that if the race has to be canceled that they will not have a virtual option.

I started my training plan for Little Rock today, even though I have not signed up and I will not sign up for quite some time. I realize that this means risking that the race will sell out and I am okay with that. (FOMO is something I have really worked hard on this year, silver linings and all that crap.) I have alternate plans if the race gets canceled or if I decide that I am not comfortable with doing an in person race by that time.

My current training plan is a beginner marathon plan. I know that I am a seasoned runner and that I could do a more advanced plan, but after the way 2019 ended and the way 2020 has gone, I decided a more cautious approach would be better. Not only that, but like I said above… my hopes are not high that I’ll actually do this marathon.

I do plan on running a marathon in 2021 whether I do one (or more) at an actual live, in person race or if I do one from my own home. I would love to get a PR, but that goal is set for a fall 2021 marathon or a 2022 marathon. My spring plans are to do some challenging things that I have never done before.

There is another reason for me choosing a beginner marathon plan. I put running on the back burner when my husband was hospitalized in August. I realized that spending hours out running was not my priority at that time, I wanted to spend more of my time with him. Although physically I was still keeping up with my training plan, mentally I was not there. So choosing a beginner marathon plan is easing me back into running regularly and following a plan. It also is building me up for my bigger challenges that I have set for myself.

Yes, lots of vague talk here, and yes, it is on purpose. I am not ready to fully put out there what I have planned for myself for 2021 because there are so many factors that may impact it. While I am very hopefully that I will achieve these crazy goals I have set for myself, another lesson that 2020 has thrown at all of us is that our plans can change in an instant. For now I’ll keep the plans to myself, but I appreciate everyone cheering me on whether you’re doing it in a personal message, a comment, or a silent thought as you read my blog.

Here’s to day 1 of marathon training and the first step towards my other ridiculous goals!

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