Goals for 2013

Goals for 2013

I’m way behind on my blogging – sorry about that!  I blame it on 1) lack of inspiration, 2) lack of time, and 3) being distracted by Facebook games.

I really wish I could blame it on being busy with cooking healthy meals for me and my hubby or training for racing like I was planning to do, but I can’t.  I caught the flu in February and have been lazy ever since.  In fact I put back on every pound I had lost this year.  Rats…

But I’m starting to dream again.  I’m seeing races that I want to run.  I’ve got goals I want to achieve.  And what better way to get started on them than posting them on the internet for all to see.  Remember “The Public Humiliation Diet” post I made a while back???  Once it is out here for the world to see, there’s no going back… at least not without humiliation.

Let’s start with races I want to do:

The two races that are big goals for me are 1) the Sanford & Sun Duathlon… because that means being able to run a 5k, bike 20k, and run another 5k, and 2) the Fall Colors Bridge Race… because I have to be able to run at a 12:00 mile pace or better.  Unfortunately I’m currently scheduled to work that weekend, anyway, so I could try harder to improve my time to 12:00 or better by the Memorial Day Bridge Race on 5/25/13.  Oh yeah, and btw, that is a 5.6 mile race vs. a 3.1 mile race.

So this means 8 weeks until my first 5k race of the year.  I ran the race last year with a not so good time… check out my last post summing up my 5k races.  My goal is to do better than last year, and that’s it.  That’s my only goal right now.  I don’t want to get frustrated.  I just need to start training.  I need to continue to look to this image for inspiration…


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