Goals for 2014

My Goals for 2014: February Update

  1. Cancel my membership at my current gym and get a new membership somewhere else (the new place has an indoor track and fitness classes that I hope will motivate me to be more active). DONE before the New Year even started! :)
  2. Buy a fitness class punch card for 10 classes each month and attend 10 fitness classes each month.  I bought punch cards in January and February but still haven’t taken 10 classes in a month.  I came close in February – I attended 9 classes!
  3. Do strength training at least twice per week.  I haven’t been doing this, I’ve been having too much fun in the cardio classes.  I need to get into this in March.
  4. Run at least three times per week.  I also haven’t been running very much but I have been doing a lot of other types of cardio which have really built up my endurance!  My goal is to run 3 times a week in March.
  5. Reach a goal of 50 miles in a month walking and/or running by the end of the year.  I got about halfway there this past month but I have a feeling I will get closer and closer as the months go by… and I will be very surprised if I don’t hit 50 miles in May because that’s when Cedar Point opens!
  6. Run at least 3 5k races this year, and either an 8k or a 10k.  One 5k down, 2 to go!  And I’m signed up for a 10k race on March 15th. :)
  7. Train for a duathlon and complete one by the end of the year.  I haven’t really been training but I am planning to do spinning classes in March.
  8. No eating out on Wednesdays unless it is a special occasion or we are out of town.  I honestly did not pay any attention to this in February.
  9. Post a “What I Ate Wednesday” blog at least twice per month.  Didn’t happen in February, I was too focused on my Month of Movement!
  10. Drink at least 80 oz. of water each day.  Again, I didn’t pay attention to this during February, but I did drink a lot of water since I was working out so much.
  11. Cut down on drinking diet pop and eventually give it up – possibly for Lent?  I definitely did better with this in January than I did in February.
  12. Cut out artificial sweeteners as much as possible.  The only thing that I have had w/ artificial sweetener is diet pop, pretty much since January.
  13. Make my lunch for work at least 3/5 days per week.  I was not doing well with this in February, but I started doing better with it this week.  I managed to bring my lunch twice this past week.
  14. Use MyFitnessPal and post a weekly summary at least once per month to this blog.  I didn’t use MyFitnessPal as much this month, but I used it somewhat.
  15. Put at least $100 per month into both savings accounts.  We have our accounts set up that $50 automatically comes out of our checking into savings every payday, so this is happening.
  16. Do Project 365 (take a picture every day) and post a weekly summary to this blog.  Ehh, I totally slacked on this in February.  I’m too far behind to make it up, so I’m just going to pick up where I left off.
  17. Make at least two Pinterest recipes per month and blog about it.  Nope, didn’t happen in February!
  18. Go on an overnight ski trip with Ken.  Hasn’t happened yet and probably won’t this year. :(
  19. Get season passes to Cedar Point.  I hope we will get them!  I don’t work any weekends in May, plus I have a week’s vacation to use up by August, so I am hoping we will go a lot in May!
  20. Visit my out-of-town friends at least 6 times this year. Hmm… I didn’t make any trips to visit friends this month, but we had our housewarming party so out-of-town friends visited us… I guess that counts!
  21. Sing karaoke.  Not yet, but I have a feeling the next time the “wingmen” get together this is happening…
  22. Visit my parents at our cottage (their home) at least 2 times this summer.  Man I can’t wait for summer to get here…
  23. See 311 in concert this summer.  So it was announced this month that 311 is going to be headlining at a music festival in Lansing, which means they probably won’t do a “Detroit” show.  Which is totally fine and I am totally getting tickets ASAP!
  24. Plan a vacation and REALLY use my vacation days.  You can see above that I am most likely going to use my vacation days to go to Cedar Point!
  25. Organize and submit all of my continuing education credits.  I have got to get on top of this.
  26. Complete the application to become a Board Certified Specialist in Gerontological Nutrition by 4/24/14 or make the decision to wait until next year. I think I have decided that I am actually going to wait to do either this or grad school until my next continuing education cycle starts since I already have a lot of continuing education credits.  The CSG or grad school would actually fulfill all of my CEUs for a reporting period (which is 5 years).
  27. Study for the CSG credential exam.  See above.
  28. Go to church with Ken’s family at least once per month.  I have gone every week since Christmas!
  29. Read the Bible.  I have been reading the Bible on a fairly regular basis and I plan to read through all of the gospels during Lent.
  30. Start RCIA in the fall.  I have already started the inquiry process of RCIA!

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