Goals for 2014, Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up #3

Another week has gone by – can you believe it?  January is almost half over!  While I definitely feel myself “slowing down” a bit, I’m still trying to keep up with my goals for 2014.

We are still waiting for the state to show up at work, which kinda throws me off.  It has helped me with packing my lunch most days because I know that if they come I won’t be able to go out to get lunch.  In fact, today was the first day this year that I bought my lunch (and it was yummy, too!).

Here’s how I did this week according to MyFitnessPal:

  • I was 781 net calories under my weekly goal.  Whew!  This is mostly because I worked out like a crazy fool last week.
  • My macronutrients balance was 47% carbohydrates, 35% fat and 18% protein.  A pretty good mix!
  • I was 55 grams over my fat goal for the week, but under my saturated fat goal by 9 grams – so mostly “good” fats.
  • I was over my sodium goal by 6641 mg – eeeeek.  And as usual I was under my potassium goal.  Seriously, does anyone meet their potassium goal?  I need to be more of a veggie-saurus!
  • I was under my carbohydrate goal, including fiber by 88 grams.
  • I was under my protein goal by 106 grams.
  • I met 92% of my goal for vitamin A, 239% of my goal for vitamin C (I took Emergen-C because my husband was coming down with a cold and I didn’t want to catch it!), 63% of my goal for calcium, and 78% of my goal for iron.

Being almost half a day’s worth of calories under my goal for the week definitely attributed to some deficiencies in the macronutrients and micronutrients this week.  I haven’t been consuming a lot of dairy products lately, either, which will help out with my calcium intake.

Here’s my update on how I’ve been doing with my goals for 2014:

  • Buy a fitness class punch card for 10 classes each month and attend 10 fitness classes each month.  I have gone to 4 Zumba classes so far this month!
  • Run at least three times per week.  Boom!  Done!
  • No eating out on Wednesdays unless it is a special occasion or we are out of town.  Almost forgot about this one this week… but I stuck to my goal!
  • Post a “What I Ate Wednesday” blog at least twice per month.  I’ve already posted two this month!
  • Cut down on drinking diet pop and eventually give it up – possibly for Lent?  I drank more diet pop this week, but definitely have cut back from what I was doing before.
  • Cut out artificial sweeteners as much as possible.  The only artificial sweetener that I had was in the diet pop I drank this week.
  • Make my lunch for work at least 3/5 days per week.  I am pretty sure I brought my lunch every day this past week.
  • Use MyFitnessPal and post a weekly summary at least once per month to this blog.  That’s what I am doing right now – #2 for this month!
  • Do Project 365 (take a picture every day) and post a weekly summary to this blog.  I had a harder time w/ this over the weekend, but I am keeping up with it and I posted a weekly summary.
  • Go to church with Ken’s family at least once per month.  I have gone twice this month.
  • Read the Bible.  I started reading the Bible and have continued to read it, but I am going to change my approach now that I have met with someone at church to start RCIA.
  • Start RCIA in the fall.  So things have changed and now you can start RCIA anytime… so I started yesterday and will be meeting with someone from church once a month during my period of “inquiry” until I am ready for the Rite of Acceptance, then I will become a catechumen and my journey towards baptism will officially begin!  The plan is for me to be baptized at Easter Vigil 2015.

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