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Month of Movement: Week 4 Wrap Up

I can’t believe February is officially over!  Although I didn’t accomplish my goal of an entire month of movement, I must say I am pretty darn proud of myself.  I exercised 24 out of 28 days, and even if you don’t count the days where I cleaned instead of doing a workout, I still exercised 20 out of 28 days.  Here’s a summary of what I did during my last week of my Month of Movement:

  1. Cleaned house.
  2. Bowling.
  3. Run (5 miles!)
  4. Run (1 mile) and ZUMBA!
  5. Nothing…
  6. Nothing…
  7. Run (6.2 miles!)

Yeah, you read that right… my last day of the month of movement I ran a 10k!  I am completely amazed by how much my fitness has improved, and I haven’t really run that much this month.  I ran only 9 times this month, and one of those runs was a race.  Yet I am still improving on both my speed and endurance.  I have to say… committing to this challenge, and joining the new gym in the first place was the best thing I could have done to keep myself on track as a runner.  I’m really proud of myself!

So let’s sum up the whole month, shall we?  This week I exercised for 304 minutes, which is an average of about 43 minutes per day.  I burned 2934 calories, or about 419 calories per day.  Last week I exercised for 260 minutes, or an average of 37 minutes per day and I burned 2527 calories, which is about 362 calories per day.  Add those stats to week 2 and week 1 and we have a grand total of…

1347 minutes (about 22.5 hours!) and 12,539 calories.

That’s an average of 48 minutes per day and 448 calories per day.  I also logged about 29.2 miles, which is low but it is good to see that my miles per month have been gradually increasing since I fell off the running wagon back in September.  I burned off about 45 hamburgers’ worth of calories and put in enough miles to get me from Saginaw to Midland.

I am pretty awesome and looking forward to crossing more things off my “Goals for 2014” list… including running my first 10k race, which I am signed up to do on March 15th! :)

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