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August 2017 Training Recap

It is officially the last day of August. Kids have started going back to school this week, and my summer loving friends are already annoyed with my excitement over football, sweatshirts and all things pumpkin. August officially started my marathon-only training and unfortunately has ended with a possible injury. We’ll see what I find out tomorrow at my PT appointment.

  • Total Miles: 104.54 miles – MY FIRST CENTURION MONTH!

What was I training for? August officially started my marathon training, but I was also gearing up for Crim and Capital City River Run coming up next month.

What races did I run? The Crim 10 miler – which was my 50th race!!!

Best performances: Definitely Crim! Not only did I get a PR, but I also finished in under 2 hours, something I didn’t think I could ever do!

Opportunities for improvement: I didn’t listen to my own advice at the end of last month and I am paying for it. I really need to incorporate strength training, more stretching and other cross training. I am sure that my lack of cross training and strength building combined with increasing mileage is what has led to this possible injury I’m facing. Once I see my PT and find out what is going on, I hope to start getting back into my strength training – T25 specifically if my PT recommends it.

What’s ahead: I only have one race on my plate for September, but I am entertaining the idea of doing two others – of course pending what happens with PT. As of right now my only race planned is Capital City River Run in Lansing. I will be running the half marathon with my friend Jenny as she is aiming for a good official time for her Disney races. My husband is also entertaining the idea of running the half (with us only if he can keep up!)… but if he doesn’t do that one, he is definitely thinking of doing the Detroit U.S. Only Half Marathon! I really am so excited about him joining me in my love of running. All that being said – I am especially looking forward to the Detroit Marathon. I hope that I will be healthy and able to perform well at all of these races!

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