Race Recap: Mardi Gras 5k 2018

Training for a marathon is always hard work, but combine that training with tons of snow, icy cold temperatures, and the yucky cold and flu bugs of winter... well, it's just plain tough. For me, add on starting a new second job on Saturdays and you really throw a wrench in the plan! So you … Continue reading Race Recap: Mardi Gras 5k 2018


January 2018 Training Recap

We are halfway through February and I still have not updated with my January training recap! Whew! A lot has been going on in my life, and unfortunately my training has taken a solid hit, that's for sure. But as for January, the month started off strong, as it usually does. I pretty much stuck … Continue reading January 2018 Training Recap

Race Recap: Winterlaufe 8k 2018

I have run a lot of races - 59 to be exact - and there are not many races that I have done more than once or twice. Winterlaufe is an exception to that. I have run Winterlaufe every year since 2015. It was my first ever 8k and holds a special place in my … Continue reading Race Recap: Winterlaufe 8k 2018


Race Recap: Freeze Your Fanny 5k 2018

Yesterday was the second race in the BARC Winter Race Series! Just like last year, no fannies were frozen. Unlike last year, we didn't have any guest appearance by the DNF possum. It was another great race with great people, followed by celebrating at a local eatery! My hubby was planning to run this with … Continue reading Race Recap: Freeze Your Fanny 5k 2018