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Race Recap: Freeze Your Fanny 5k 2018

Yesterday was the second race in the BARC Winter Race Series! Just like last year, no fannies were frozen. Unlike last year, we didn’t have any guest appearance by the DNF possum. It was another great race with great people, followed by celebrating at a local eatery!

My hubby was planning to run this with us – he wanted to do all three races in the series this year. Unfortunately he wasn’t feeling well and didn’t make it, which left me in a “Hmm…” situation. Since he wasn’t feeling so hot, I had planned to run the race with him if he ran. Now that he was running, I wondered, should I push myself? I feel like I have been slower between finishing up marathon training, the holidays, and starting another marathon training plan. But was I capable of at least a course PR? Maybe an overall PR??? I knew I would have my friend Christine running with me, and she’s faster than me, so I knew I’d have a push…

On the way to the race I was thinking about so many things. You know when you get one thought that leads to another and leads to another until you end up thinking about something completely different? Yeah, that was what was happening to me. So I called my husband and talked it out with him. I told him I was thinking about trying to push it… that I had previously planned to just take it easy and enjoy it, not really pushing to race, but that the thought of maybe getting a PR had flashed in my mind. Of course he told me to push myself, to go for it, and that he knew I could do it. He’s my biggest cheerleader!

It was a beautiful day – sunny and a little more than 35 degrees at race start. There was some wind that made it a bit chilly, but once we started running it wasn’t bad. I set my watch to a virtual pacer at 10 minutes per mile – I knew if I could do 10 minute miles consistently that I would get a course PR, and maybe if I pushed myself in the end I could even get an overall PR… maybe. We started out fast, then slowed it down to get an overall pace of about 10 minutes per mile for our first mile. Christine had forgotten to eat breakfast, and although she had a gel before the race, she definitely was struggling. She kept up me going though, and we maintained almost a 10 minute per mile pace for the second mile. Now we just had the home stretch. One of my favorite things about this race, although the course isn’t too interesting, it is an out and back loop that you do twice,  so there’s a lot of opportunities to see your friends and cheer people on. Cheering people on and getting shouts from our friends kept me going and pushing to maintain my pace!

When we reached the home stretch I moaned and groaned about the fact that the last tenth of a mile is a slight incline into a parking lot that feels like a giant hill. We saw our friend Bernie who snapped a couple of pictures of us as we made our way to the finish. We sprinted it out to the end and I ended up with a 31:05, almost perfectly maintaining that 10 minute per mile pace and the closest I had come to my PR in a long time! In fact, my Garmin thought it was a 5k PR since my actual 5k PR was a slightly short course. It was definitely a course PR at least!


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