My Ideas, Goals and Dreams for 2019

Every year I set goals for myself... and although I find that putting it in writing makes a goal real, sometimes I'm too hard on myself when I don't hit them. So instead I'm going to write down ideas... some may really be goals, maybe they're just wishes and dreams... for what may come in … Continue reading My Ideas, Goals and Dreams for 2019

Race Recap: I Ran the D 5k 2018

My husband Ken has been bugging me to run the "I Ran the D" 5k since its inaugural year last year. He saw signs for it when we went downtown to see The Lion King and said "We gotta do that one!" Unfortunately by the time we got around to actually trying to sign up … Continue reading Race Recap: I Ran the D 5k 2018

Redemption 2018

"Redemption" and "redeem" have many definitions. For instance, many people think of being saved from sin, or something otherwise religious when they hear the word. Or they might think of getting something back - like redeeming a coupon. Many of the definitions center around faults, mistakes, guilt or rescue. I have chose REDEMPTION as my … Continue reading Redemption 2018