Adjusting to the New Normal

Two months ago, COVID-19 was barely on my radar. Then, suddenly, it was all I heard about and seemed like all I talked about. I knew things would be changing, but I had no idea how much or in what ways. There were some things that I expected - like concerts and races being postponed… Continue reading Adjusting to the New Normal

Goals for 2019

My Ideas, Goals and Dreams for 2019

Every year I set goals for myself... and although I find that putting it in writing makes a goal real, sometimes I'm too hard on myself when I don't hit them. So instead I'm going to write down ideas... some may really be goals, maybe they're just wishes and dreams... for what may come in… Continue reading My Ideas, Goals and Dreams for 2019

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Two Weeks til Marathon #3!

Last week I was nothing but nerves because after running my 20 miler, the top of my foot was so painful I could hardly walk. I did all kinds of RICE: rest, ice, compression, elevation. On Wednesday I went with my friend Christine to a free injury clinic at a local running store. The PT… Continue reading Two Weeks til Marathon #3!

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July 2017 Training Recap

So I'm going to try something new. I rarely talk about my training, just about the end result - races. It's time to talk about the hard work that pays off in the end. Here's my first monthly training recap! Total Running Miles: 70.38 (last year 52.08) Total Miles: 121 (includes swimming & biking) What was I… Continue reading July 2017 Training Recap

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Race Recap: Mid-Land 10k

Non-runners probably won't understand how a particular race can hold so much meaning for someone. Especially a small little race like the Mid-Land Half, 10k and 5k. But this one is more than just a run for me, in so many ways. In fact, it holds so much emotion for me that I didn't even… Continue reading Race Recap: Mid-Land 10k

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Race Recap: Detroit International Marathon 2016

I woke up before my alarm on marathon morning. It was 3:53am and I decided I might as well get out of bed and start getting ready. I quietly grabbed the pile of clothes and gear I had set out the night before and got dressed. I brushed my teeth, put my hair in a… Continue reading Race Recap: Detroit International Marathon 2016

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Ramblings of a Long Run

Today I went out for my last long run before my first marathon - 8 miles on a beautiful day all by myself. About halfway through my run, I had this thought: "I should blog about all of the things that go through my mind during a solo long run!" After all, 8 miles is… Continue reading Ramblings of a Long Run