Goals for 2020, Keeping It Real

My Alcohol Free Journey

I have been alcohol free for 60 days. It all started with something called "Dry January". A friend of mine had gone one month alcohol free (or "AF" as she called it) earlier in 2019. She decided to start 2020 off sober and posted on her Facebook asking if anyone was interested in joining and… Continue reading My Alcohol Free Journey

Goals for 2019

My Ideas, Goals and Dreams for 2019

Every year I set goals for myself... and although I find that putting it in writing makes a goal real, sometimes I'm too hard on myself when I don't hit them. So instead I'm going to write down ideas... some may really be goals, maybe they're just wishes and dreams... for what may come in… Continue reading My Ideas, Goals and Dreams for 2019

Goals for 2018, Running

Two Weeks til Marathon #3!

Last week I was nothing but nerves because after running my 20 miler, the top of my foot was so painful I could hardly walk. I did all kinds of RICE: rest, ice, compression, elevation. On Wednesday I went with my friend Christine to a free injury clinic at a local running store. The PT… Continue reading Two Weeks til Marathon #3!

Recipes, Tried It Tuesday

Tried It Tuesday: Overnight Oatmeal

I will be honest. The first time that I tried overnight oats, I was not impressed. I really wanted to like them because I knew that I could make a batch and have breakfast for a few days, which is huge for someone who likes to sleep in like I do! I don't remember what… Continue reading Tried It Tuesday: Overnight Oatmeal

Stuff I Love

Stuff I Love: Brownberry Double Fiber Bread

If you eat bread and you are like me, you have probably eaten the same type of bread for years and years. You find something that you like and you stick with it. I think I especially do this with bread because it can be a food filled with lots of empty calories. Although when I… Continue reading Stuff I Love: Brownberry Double Fiber Bread

Goals for 2016, Race Recaps, Running

Race Recap: BARC Freeze Your Fanny 5k

2016 is off to a great start for running! Although I have not exactly stuck to my training plan, I have been running 3-4 days per week. I find myself going to the gym thinking there's no way I can run 3 miles... and then I not only do 3 miles, but I do negative… Continue reading Race Recap: BARC Freeze Your Fanny 5k

Goals for 2015, Running

2015 Running Year in Review

As promised, I'm giving my running its own post for 2015! This was a big year for me. I ran further than I ever have before. I ran faster than I ever before. I ran races that I never thought I could. I ran after my goals and I crushed them. So first, lets talk… Continue reading 2015 Running Year in Review