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Marathon Training 2020 – Another one bites the dust…

I don’t think that anyone is surprised anymore when a running event gets canceled. I know I’m not surprised – I’m expecting it at this point – but it doesn’t take away from the fact that every time it happens, there’s still some let down. It is still disappointing. It is a reminder of the world we are living in.

At the same time there are smaller races that are making adjustments and taking precautions so that they can still take place in person. For some people, this is super exciting, and they are looking forward to being able to do live events. I’m personally not comfortable with them yet and will choose not to participate, but I’m happy for those who are craving these real life races and getting to do them.

Unfortunately I don’t think it is possible for any of the marathons I was hoping to run (Detroit, Grand Rapids, Indy) to be done safely because of how large the events are. What I am hopeful for now is that at least one of them will have a virtual option with awesome swag. Last week I decided to check out Indy’s website and saw they had updated: there will be no in person race, but there is a virtual option. The price for the virtual option seems a little steep so I’m holding out to see what Detroit and GR offer. Grand Rapids has made the announcement that if the in person races are canceled, there will be a virtual option for those registered, but it is unclear if there will be an option to just sign up for the virtual. Detroit has put out a survey to see what people are interested in.

I’m continuing my training – worst case scenario I don’t get any swag for my at home marathon. Training is going really well. I don’t feel much faster but I do feel stronger. I’m getting up early to make sure my workouts get done. I’m being smart and listening to my body. I’m seeing what I am capable of on my own.

I think strength and resilience are my theme for 2020. Do I wish this would all hurry up and be over? Hell yeah I do. But it doesn’t look like that wish will be granted. I need to be strong enough to continue to weather this storm, listen to my mind, body and spirit, and know when to ask for help. I’m okay right now, even some days better than ever, but I know it’s okay to not be okay too.

It’s okay to be sad, frustrated, even downright pissed every time another race gets canceled. Even if it’s expected at this point. It still sucks!! It’s great to be positive, but it’s also okay to feel those icky feelings too. This is something I have struggled with and I didn’t realize how much until this all happened and changed the norm.

Another one bites the dust… Indy is canceled. But running is not canceled, and I will run a marathon in 2020 even if it’s in my own backyard!

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