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Marathon Training 2020 – What do you wanna know?

ICYMI: I started a vlog on YouTube about my marathon training!

For those who don’t follow the marathon racing world, fall is a big time for races in the midwest. Some popular races, such as the Chicago Marathon, Detroit Marathon, New York City Marathon and Indy Monumental Marathon happen in October and November. Those big races are still 3-ish months away but planning and preparing for them began long ago, for both the teams that put on these events and the runners that will participate in them.

A lot of these races are being canceled or switching to virtual options because of COVID-19. This week the Chicago Marathon announced that their event would not happen this year. This race was scheduled for October 11, a week before Detroit and Grand Rapids, the two marathons I have had my eye on for 2020. I am really not holding out hope that any marathon will happen in person this year… but I am hoping that there will be virtual options offered. I’m mentally preparing myself to run a marathon from my own backyard this year, and I would love to have a shiny medal and sweet shirt to show for it! Plus, I want to support these races that I have run in the past as I know it is a difficult time for them just like it is a difficult time for us.

I wrapped up my 6th week of marathon training on Sunday with my long run and chose to make my vlog about that. I will be trying to post a blog update here every Wednesday and a vlog update on YouTube every Sunday. Today I write this to ask YOU, my friends and followers, what you’d like me to share with you about my journey!

Some ideas I have thought of:

  • A day in the life of a runner
  • How I fuel on my runs
  • How I fuel when I’m not running (aka what is my diet like)
  • What I Ate Wednesday (showing you a day of my eating)
  • What kind of cross training I enjoy doing
  • Explaining the training plan I am using
  • A week in review of my workouts
  • Share my goals for this year, for the marathon, etc.
  • Relive my favorite race moments
  • Conversations/interviews with my running friends

Are there any other topics you’d like to hear about? Are there any from this list that you are particularly interested in? Let me know – I want to hear from you all, my friends and followers, and make sure I keep things interesting.

Thank you, as always, for all of your love and support. Keep putting one foot in front of the other!

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