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February’s Challenge: Mindfulness

My challenge to myself for February is to take care of my mind. A lot of the challenges I make for myself involve caring for my body through exercise or eating. This month I want to dedicate a little time each day to taking care of my mind and my spirit. I am challenging myself… Continue reading February’s Challenge: Mindfulness

Keeping It Real

Now what?

One of the lessons I learned from 2020 is being okay when something doesn’t work out as planned. The races I was looking forward to were canceled. The concerts I had tickets for were postponed or canceled. Some of the money we had saved for a new bathroom remodel went to pay for tree removal… Continue reading Now what?

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Hydration Challenge Update #2: Should I Drink Sports Drinks?

January is half over already, can you believe it?! I've been tracking my fluid intakes this month and experimenting with hydration during my training. One of the things I have experimented with is using a sports drink on my longer workouts. Over the years I have varied back and forth with whether or not I… Continue reading Hydration Challenge Update #2: Should I Drink Sports Drinks?

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November and December 2020 Training Recap

It has been well over a year since I did one of these. I guess you could call 2020 sort of a "rebuilding" year for me. With so many races canceled and plans changing constantly, I felt uninspired. I honestly thought, "Why bother with boring my followers with numbers and stats with no fun race… Continue reading November and December 2020 Training Recap

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2020 Running Year in Review

This year in review may not look like many others that I have written, and that is okay. I don't have any awesome running adventures with friends to reminisce about. There aren't many races or personal bests to share. Even though it is different, 2020 was not a waste of a year for running. I… Continue reading 2020 Running Year in Review

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January’s Challenge: Hydration

As a bariatric dietitian, one of the topics that I cover constantly is adequate hydration. I emphasize to my patients how important staying hydrated is for their recovery after surgery and beyond, for overall health and well being. I teach them how hydration affects so many functions in the body. I also am completely transparent… Continue reading January’s Challenge: Hydration