Goals for 2021, Monthly Challenge, Training Recap

January 2020 Training Recap

January was filled with ups and downs, successes and opportunities for improvement. My plans and goals changed throughout the month and I adapted to them. Honestly, the month started strong and fizzled out towards the end, and I’m okay with that. (That’s some self-care for my February challenge right there!)

I ended the month with 30 days in a row of intentional movement. I only missed the last day because I didn’t feel the greatest. That has trickled over into this first week of February, but I’ve once again re-worked my goals and plans to something attainable for where I’m at right now. I will get back to my training as soon as I am ready – I will listen to my body and my mind and do what is best for my physical and mental health.

I am bringing back my “Banking the Miles” from previous years, where I compare mileage month to month and from one year to another. Except now I am not doing it with hopes of “beating” the past me, but being the me that I am now.

  • January 2020: 50.0 miles / January 2021: 77.7 miles
  • February 2020: 78.6 miles
  • March 2020: 84.3 miles
  • April 2020: 96.4 miles
  • May 2020: 83.3 miles
  • June 2020: 72.5 miles
  • July 2020: 84.0 miles
  • August 2020: 94.7 miles
  • September 2020: 50.1 miles
  • October 2020: 53.7 miles
  • November 2020: 69.3 miles
  • December 2020: 86.0 miles
  • TOTAL 2020: 902.9 miles / TOTAL 2021: 77.7 miles

January 2020 Marathon in a Month: I took my 26.2 best mile times in January to create my “Marathon in a Month” – I ended up with a 5:28:39 marathon, a little behind my last two “Marathons in a Month”. It would be my second best marathon time if it were run consecutively!

What was I training for? About halfway through January I found out that the marathon I was training for (Little Rock Marathon) had been postponed to November. At first, I planned to stop following any training plan and just start running every other day and doing some sort of cross training on my non-running days. I realized soon after that I liked structure as far as knowing how much/far to run. And not long after that I realized I wanted a goal to shoot for, so I decided I wanted to train for a half marathon coming up at the end of April.

Any races? I started the New Year off with a 5k – The Breaking Stigma in Stride 5k, a virtual race hosted by Still I Run. I took it easy – it had snowed and there were patches of ice on my route. I plan to try to run a race each month this year, and my hopes is to run as many as I can that benefit charities and associations for mental health.

How is it going? I started an intermediate training plan for a half marathon. Recently I switched over to a novice/beginner plan, even though I am not a beginner, my mind and body were begging for something consistent but not so challenging. This past week I’ve taken a bit of a break – my sleep, nutrition and hydration have been off, as well as struggling with some depression and anxiety. Rather than push myself to keep going and risk injury or burnout, I have taken a break. I’ve still had intentional movement every day – mostly walking. I may jump back into my new training plan this weekend, depending on how I am feeling.

What do I hope to improve on in February? My February challenge is to spend more time on self-care and self-love. This week that has looked like giving myself a break from my training and being okay with it. I hope to spend some time this month trying meditation, journaling, reading, doing yoga, drawing and more. I also hope to get back on track with hydration and nutrition to support my new gentle training plan. I hope to complete the cross training program I had started in January that I really enjoy doing. And I hope to bring you all more content on my social media!

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