What I Ate Wednesday

What I Ate Wednesday #5

Well, this is embarrassing.

I had Wednesday off this week.  I spent the entire day doing chores around the house – I cleaned my kitchen, dining area, and bathroom.  I made a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner, and planned to blog about it on Wednesday.  But… by the end of my busy, productive day off, not only was I exhausted but I completely forgot to make a post.  Oh… the life of a good housewife! ;)

My goal was for my WIAW post to have a double purpose: to show you what I ate, and to show you my new home.  I’m really proud of the fact that my husband and I are finally living together on our own, even if we are renting for right now.  We have been putting more finishing touches on the house day by day, and lately I have been in the Christmas mood so the house is well decorated!

One of my favorite parts of the house is our kitchen and dining area.  It has great lighting, beautiful flooring, and lots of counter space and storage!  I love cooking on a gas stove, and we have so many awesome appliances, bakeware, and food storage from our wedding gifts to experiment with.  We also picked up a great cookware set when we first moved in which calls for some delicious meals to be made.  Alright, enough already, let’s get to the pictures and the meal, shall we??


So here is my kitchen!  Our entire house has beautiful oak trim and railings, and the kitchen has tons of cabinets/storage in oak as well.  The decor and the appliances are a little dated, but everything works so what more could I ask for?

In the top left picture you can see my KitchenAid mixer and our beautiful knife set.  This counter is where the magic happens – this is where I put together recipes, especially when I am baking.  I set my crock-pot over there, too, when I’m using it.

The bottom left is a picture of my breakfast that was made that morning.  I made Hungry Girl’s Cinnamonlicious French Toast – YUM! – with a side of smoky links, Mott’s Healthy Harvest Summer Strawberry applesauce, and half a glass of milk.  I topped the french toast with sugar free maple syrup.

And the big picture on the right showcases one of my favorite parts of my kitchen/dining area – the little breakfast bar.  It worked out too perfectly that for our wedding gifts we ended up getting 6 place mats instead of 4 or 8, because we ended up with 6 eating places!  Granted I did go out and buy the lovely cardinal place mats you see on the table in my food picture for Christmas (our whole Christmas decoration theme is cardinals – you can see the centerpiece my sister-in-law bought for us with a cardinal and a poinsettia  and if you squint really hard you can probably see that my kitchen towels hung on the oven door have cardinals on them, too!).  I just love my kitchen!

In fact, I love my whole house, and I can’t wait to show off more of it.  There will be more to come as we keep decorating and adding our personal touches.  And I promise… there will be more food! :)


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