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Stuff I Love: Otria® Greek Yogurt Dips

Since I “keep it real” on this blog, I will tell you honestly that I am not a huge fan of fresh fruit or raw vegetables.  I know, I know… as a dietitian, I should be raving about how wonderful fruits and veggies are.  Don’t get me wrong, they ARE super good for you, but it is hard to get myself to eat them.  That is one thing that I am trying to work on in 2014, eating more fruits and veggies!

One thing that does help me to eat fruits and vegetables in the freshest form is using dip.  Most dips, though, are loaded with so many extras – extra calories, extra sugar, extra fat.  Which is why I love the Marzetti® Otria® Greek Yogurt dips, because they are loaded with lots of healthy, natural ingredients!

For my veggies, I like the Cucumber Dill Feta dip.  I will even dip crackers in this or use it on a sandwich.  Yum!  I love dill.  A 2 Tbsp serving is only 60 calories – compare that to the traditional Marzetti® Dill Dip which has 110 calories in 2 Tbsp!  The Greek Yogurt dip is made from… you guessed it… Greek Yogurt!  It also has fish oil to give it an extra bonus: omega-3 fatty acids.  The best part??  It is DELICIOUS!

I haven’t tried the other veggie dips, but they also sound amazing: Carmelized Onion, Garden Herb Ranch, Roasted Red Pepper and Spinach Artichoke.

I just tried the Sweet Vanilla Cinnamon fruit dip on New Year’s with a fruit salad.  Oh my… it is almost sinful!  Unfortunately for this dip, I can’t brag as much about the nutrition facts vs. traditional fruit dip.  A 2 Tbsp serving is 90 calories and again boasts the fact that it is made from Greek yogurt with added fish oil to give you some omega-3 fatty acids.  Traditional fruit dip ranges anywhere from 45 calories per serving for the light stuff to 90 calories for the regular dip.

The fruit dip also comes in Mixed Berry Medley flavor which I bet would be outstanding!  I tried the Sweet Vanilla Cinnamon with strawberries, grapes and bananas, and it was deeee-lish.

If you’re looking for tons of protein because these dips are made from Greek yogurt, you’ll be disappointed.  The fruit dip has about 1g of protein per serving and the veggie dip has 2g of protein per serving, which is more than traditional fruit or veggie dip, but not as much as you might think coming from Greek yogurt.

So if you’re like me and have a hard time getting fresh fruits and raw veggies into your diet, give these dips a try.  I love them because they are made from good for you ingredients, they pack an extra punch with Omega-3’s, and the best part is that they a YUMMY!

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