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What I Ate Wednesday #6

What I Ate Wednesday 1-1-14
What I Ate Wednesday 1-1-14

Whew!  It has been a while since I posted one of these.

It is New Year’s Day 2014, and as you might know I have lots of goals to accomplish.  Posting a “What I Ate Wednesday” blog more often is part of the deal!  So what better way to start off my New Year than by really working towards my goals.  To be honest with you, I completely forgot about WIAW.  The prompt for FatMumSlim’s Photo-a-Day challenge today was “Lunch”.

Well, I had brunch instead of lunch because I slept in.  I didn’t get up until 11am.  So while it was “lunch time” I was really having breakfast.  Here’s what today’s breakfast consisted of…

  • An omelet made from two eggs with sauteed mushrooms and onions mixed in, a little bit of lunchmeat ham, and melted swiss and colby cheese.  Me and the hubby shared it.
  • Potatoes fried in margarine with onions.  YUM!

Then I went a long time before I ate again.  I spent most of the day cleaning up and organizing my NEW office.  I had decided that I wanted to go to the gym, but didn’t actually get there until about 4 in the afternoon.  I did a 50 minute workout of run-walking and stretching.  After my workout I headed to Kroger to pick up chocolate milk for my husband and while I was at the store I read an update from my mom on Facebook about her dinner: meatloaf, sweet potatoes and salad.  That meal sounded SO good to me, so I decided to make my own at home!  When I got home I realized that the meal was going to take over an hour to make (I am really bad at realizing just how long meal prep takes sometimes) so I quickly cut up some fruit and had a snack of strawberries, grapes and bananas with fruit dip while my meatloaf was cooking.

Dinner was finally ready a little after 8pm – late for me to eat dinner, I know.  Here’s how I made my meal…

  • I followed this recipe for my meatloaf, with a few changes.  Instead of all beef, I did 1lb of ground round (85% lean) beef and 1lb of ground chicken.  I used crushed crackers (Ritz and Saltines) and I added a cup of diced onions and a cup of diced mushrooms.
  • I basically followed this recipe for the sweet potatoes.  I only used one sweet potato since I was just cooking for myself.  I added 1 Tbsp of butter, 1 Tbsp of honey, and sprinkled cinnamon to taste.  I didn’t add any salt since I used salted butter.
  • For my veggies, I made a Green Giant Just For One tray of Broccoli with Cheese Sauce.  My favorite!

My dinner was absolutely delicious!  I even splurged a bit and had a margarita to drink with it.  I bought the pre-made margaritas for New Year’s Eve but we didn’t have the turnout that we expected at our house, so I have a lot left.  It is Jose Cuervo Light Wild Berry Margarita, comes with the alcohol already in it, and it is only 95 calories for 4.5 oz!

So what adventures did YOU take your tastebuds on, on this lovely first of the year??

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