Goals for 2014, Month of Movement

Month of Movement

I can’t believe that it is already February.  January flew by!  Especially the last two weeks… and I have no blog entries to show for it.  I also haven’t been using MyFitnessPal and I missed a week of Zumba.  Oh and we won’t talk about my project 365… :(

I have fallen into the resolutioner category.  I went from pumped up and motivated to totally NOT.  But that’s the thing I love about new things… new pages in a journal, new entries on a blog, new months on a calendar… I can start over from scratch and say oh well, that was January, but this… THIS is February!


To help me stay motivated, I signed up for a 5k race that I am running with two of my friends from college.  We had planned a coffee date, but when I realized that a race I had wanted to do was happening the same day, I thought they might want to do it with me.  They both are IN and I’m super excited to be running (or most likely walking) a 5k race this month.

So I really haven’t worked out much these last couple of weeks, other than trying to go to Zumba twice a week.  But as far as running… my last running workout was January 11th.  Yikes.  I need to get back on the wagon, and FAST.  The 5k is exactly 2 weeks away!

To help keep me motivated, I have decided to try a challenge that an online friend of mine has just recently completed – A Month of Movement.  She does some sort of movement EVERY day, whether it be rock climbing, a spin class, dancing, walking, running, whatever!  So that is my plan, to try to move more every day in February.

Wish me luck as I try to keep up with my goals for 2014 and make this my healthiest and best year yet!

2 thoughts on “Month of Movement”

  1. I don’t think that anyone hits their resolutions perfectly, everyday, all the time! Thats just life! The trick is just to pick yourself up again and get right back on track once you realise that you are somewhat off the course you ultimately want to be on. I love that everyday is a fresh chance to refocus and make better choices and that even though there are continuous ups and downs if you just keep trying in time you do see progress. There is that cheesy saying that goes “life is a journey not a destination” and though it sounds lame, I actually do think its true. Day to day you might be zig zagging around and not heading straight at the target but if you keep trying and adjusting in the long run you will still end up where you need to be. Hopefully it will have meant there is a whole lot more room for enjoying yourself along the way as well which is so under-estimated but so important! Who wants to go through life driven, achieving everything, but ultimately miserable?

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