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Month of Movement: Week 3 Wrap Up

Well, this week was my first official week with two no movement days.  And while I am frustrated that I missed two days, I am also really proud of myself.  I mean… we’re talking going from working out 3 days a week at the maximum since August 2013, and most weeks not working out at all.  Now I am working out AT LEAST twice per week because I am a faithful Zumba girl, plus trying other classes and running all in between.  This week was a good movement week, despite missing two workout days.

  1. The Ice Cube 5k race – which, btw, my official time was like 38:24 or something, which I can’t actually find the race times online anymore… frustrating!
  2. Housework.
  3. OFF
  4. Zumba!
  5. Intro to Spinning class
  6. Zumba!
  7. OFF

This week I tried a spinning class for the first time.  When the class started, and the first thing we learned was sprints, I was like… this is nothing… why do people find Spinning so intimidating??  Well, then we did running on the bike.  And standing up.  And I was like… oh… yeah… THIS is why it is difficult!  I was pouring sweat by the end of the class.  I forgot my heart rate monitor so I don’t know my exact calories burned, but it was definitely up there.  My heart was pumping as much or more as when I go to Zumba and dance my butt off.  I’ll tell you one thing, my bum still doesn’t feel quite right!  Man, those bike seats HURT!  And my shoulders, neck and arms were pretty sore the next couple of days too but the instructor said that’s because when you first start Spinning you’re too tense.  It’s hard to relax though doing something as crazy as running on a bike!

Today I plan to head up to the gym at some point to run on the track.  Tomorrow I will probably do the same thing.  The gym where I workout is talking about adding a Sunday afternoon spin class, and if they do I will probably try to go to that.  The instructor that did the free class on Wednesday also teaches on Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings.  She recommended that to get started, you try to go to 2-3 classes a week.  I don’t know if I will be able to do that, since I love my Zumba and go to that twice a week, plus running in between, but I am going to try!  It definitely will help me build up endurance and strength that will help my running.  I already know that Zumba has been helping with that too!

Speaking of Zumba, this week the instructor is on vacation so I won’t have Zumba class.  I’m not sure if the class is still planning to meet without the instructor or if they are going to have someone fill in or what.  But just in case they don’t, I can try the 5:30pm spin on Tuesday.  Some day if I am feeling REALLY adventurous, I could do 5:30pm spin followed by 6:30pm Zumba on Tuesdays!

This week starting today is the last official week of my month of movement.  I plan to make it my best!

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