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Race Recap: BARC Christmas 5k 2017


I love winter running. I love snow. And this year, the BARC Christmas 5k did not disappoint! As my hubby and I were driving to the race, the snowflakes were falling softly. I was glad that I brought my YakTrax with me, because I knew we were in for a slippery day.

We arrived at the race, got our numbers, and met up with our friends. We had just enough time where we didn’t wait around but didn’t feel rushed. I told Ken that I wanted to run the whole race so we would be splitting up. My friend Christine ended up running with me – we asked each other what we wanted to do this race and we both replied “Not get hurt!” Sometimes it’s not about the race, it’s just about running.

The run was definitely difficult. Christine and I both commented that we felt like David Hasselhoff running through the snow. Something must have been keeping us going, though – maybe the holiday spirit? Or perhaps seeing our friends passing us on this somewhat boring but effective loop course? Whatever it was… we ended up running our first mile in 10:17! And somehow, it felt comfortable! Mile 2 was slower at 10:33, but still great considering the conditions. When we hit mile 3 at 10:29 pace, we saw a few of our faster friends who ended up running in with us. Tim was pushing us to the finish line, but I was gassed. When we hit the turn towards the finish in the parking lot, the finish was super snowy and slushy, and I slowed way down. But I still crossed the finish line with an official time of 32:25, a course PR!!!! And on a darn difficult day, might I add!

We headed in to the gym for post-race refreshments, and I made a comment about how in previous years before I met any runner friends that I had always skipped the awards ceremony. I didn’t know anyone who would be winning, and I certainly wasn’t going to place. Then at the Freeze Your Fanny 5k 2017 I was surprised as heck to hear my name announced as 2nd in my age group! And at Mardi Gras 5k 2017 my hubby actually placed first in his age group! So we weren’t leaving early this year… and good thing! My friend Christine and I both placed 2nd in our age groups!

With this race, I completed a third year in a row of running a race every month. This goal has really kept me going over the last few years and has helped me to improve my running significantly! I may not be able to do a running streak like some of my amazing runner friends have done, or to run thousands of miles in a year like others, and I may not be the fastest, but the point is… I just keep going. Bring it on 2018, I’m keeping this streak alive!

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