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The Longest Year Ends in a Blink of an Eye.

Does anyone else feel like this year simultaneously was the longest year ever and also flew by in the blink of an eye? I think I have asked this question at least 10 times in 2020.

Right now it feels like a year that went by fast… a month that went by even faster… a week that traveled in warp speed because in my mind I still have all of this time to do the things I wanted to do before the year ends. I wanted to share a vlog (video blog) about my plans for my social media in 2021. I planned to write my usual running year in review post. I have miles of walking to complete in order to get the Garmin badges I was going for. I wanted to stay on track with my marathon training plan.

Here we are on New Year’s Eve and those things I mentioned above are still undone. Yet as I reflect on this past year and everything that has happened, it feels like the LONGEST YEAR EVER. This morning before I sat down to write this I was going through pictures and videos on my phone. I found myself opening the files to see dates and times quite often, because I really could not believe all of it happened in 2020.

Although there were a lot of really tough times during 2020, there were also a lot of lessons learned. I did find a lot of silver linings. One of those lessons is that it is okay if everything doesn’t go according to your plan. We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, and does it really matter if I made a vlog by a certain deadline? If I start my new goals EXACTLY on the timeline that I planned? I have decided that it really doesn’t. I have lived so much of my life trying to meet goals, pushing myself at the last minute, feeling like I can’t do something because I didn’t start it on time. Nobody’s life follows a perfect timeline. What we do and what happens to us happens whenever it is supposed to, and it isn’t always something that we have control of.

My plans for my social media in 2021 all center around the fact that this year I realized that reading and writing are hobbies I once really enjoyed but no longer make time for. I want to make time for them in 2021. I want RD on the Run to truly be what it says it is – a blog about running, written by a registered dietitian, with a “dash” of real life and nutrition thrown in. I want to include my readers and do things together. I’ll share more about these plans in another post, or maybe I will actually record that vlog I wanted to.

For now I just want to thank you all for following my social media accounts, interacting with me, and caring about what I have to say. Although I would do this even without any readers or followers because it is something that makes me happy, knowing that my content has inspired others, made them think, brought tears to their eyes and joy to their hearts makes it even more fulfilling. My hope is that we will all have a better 2021, whatever that may look like for each one of us.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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