Goals for 2023

23 Goals for Self-Investment in 2023

My word for 2023 is “Self-Investment”. Okay, fine, it’s really two words that I’m pretending is just one work because there’s a hyphen in it. Investing in myself is the priority for 2023. That doesn’t mean being selfish or being lonely. It means nourishing the parts of my life that matter the most to me.

I like themes and lists and challenges. If you’ve followed my blog, Instagram or Facebook over the years, you have probably seen different challenges come and go. I’ve participated in photo a day challenges, run streaks and Dry January just to name a few. Choosing 23 goals for the year 2023 is definitely not a coincidence, so here is my rough list of the goals I would like to accomplish this year:

  1. Run at least 50 miles per month in 2023.
  2. Walk at least 10 miles per month in 2023.
  3. Set new baseline PRs for as many different distances as possible – 1 mile, 5k, 8k, 10k, 10 mile, half marathon, 25k, marathon.
  4. Run or walk a race with Ken.
  5. Do yoga at least twice per month.
  6. Try at least one new workout class.
  7. Minimize how often I go out to eat.
  8. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  9. Stay hydrated.
  10. Cook my way through most of a cookbook.
  11. Start a cleaning routine.
  12. Declutter the house – get rid of books, magazines, clothes, etc. that I haven’t used or looked at in years.
  13. Read at least 2 non-fiction books this year.
  14. Read daily meditations or affirmations as often as possible.
  15. Go on more weekend getaways with Ken.
  16. Have close to zero debt (except mortgage and student loans).
  17. Do at least one creative thing each week.
  18. Take more pictures.
  19. Write blogs about nutrition and mental health topics more often.
  20. Keep personal journals more often (I have a training journal, a travel journal, and a day-to-day journal).
  21. Get a second tattoo.
  22. Sell clothes and other things on Poshmark..
  23. Try different kinds of art, like painting.

I hope to incorporate challenges and be able to share more about these goals with you here and on my social media throughout the year. These goals may change and evolve as I decide what “self-investment” truly looks like for me.


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