Goals for 2023

Let Life Reveal Itself To You

That was the title of the meditation for January 5th. I didn’t read the meditation that day, of course, but reading it later one line really resonated with me: “Your next step, the answer to the question you’ve been mulling about – the direction for the next stage of your growth, what you need to do next about work, money, or that problem you’ve been struggling with – will come.”

My life is vastly different now than it was a year ago, specifically in the case of my career. If you had told me a year ago that I would have made such a huge change to my career I would’ve laughed in your face. A year ago I thought for sure I would still be where I was. I also thought for sure that the place would get better and less toxic.

I finally stood up for myself and my well-being, and I took a chance on a totally different job. It was truly scary, but so was staying somewhere that I felt stuck and micromanaged. I miss the patients and the work I did there, and I especially miss the people I worked with. I don’t miss feeling anxious every time I got an email or having to track every minute of my work day to prove my worth.

Recently I have been mulling over a different question in my life, just the way the meditation described it. A few things happened in the days following that meditation that brought clarity to me. And then on Sunday, I got the answer to that question.

Today’s meditation says to “Value your passion” – it talks about how what we do isn’t meant to lead us away from our passions, but to bring us to life and put us in touch with the energy of the universe. I have truly defined my passion and the path I’m forging now will value that passion.

Stay tuned, because I’m so excited to share what question was answered, what life revealed to me. What has life revealed to you lately? What is your passion and are you valuing it? Let me know in the comments.


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