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Keeping It Real: Remember Me?

It’s been a while, and a lot has changed for me since the last time I blogged. Let’s see…

  • I changed jobs – I no longer work as an eating disorder dietitian, but instead work full time as a registered dietitian in a long term care facility… and I love my job!
  • I got married! On September 22, 2012 I married my best friend and officially became Megan Hammis, RD :)
  • I moved. My new job took us to Saginaw, my husband’s hometown, and I absolutely love my new house and my new surroundings.

What hasn’t changed is that I am still passionate about nutrition and health. I am still passionate about the “anti-dieting” movement and recently have become even more fired up about being “not on a diet”. I still have not pushed myself back into running, but now that my life has settled down and I have a person in my life who has totally inspired me to get back into it, I am working towards it. I’ve even started cooking more, which was one of my downfalls as a dietitian – I would always say, “I’m a dietitian, not a cook!” but having my own home and my own kitchen has made me want to explore the world of culinary, especially since my husband has been enjoying my cooking!

So I’m back and I can’t wait to dive into everything. I’m challenging myself to getting back into a healthy lifestyle (note: NOT going on a diet) of eating right and exercising so that I can inspire others to do the same. I’ve got plans… :)


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