Keeping It Real

The Need for “Right Now”

Last week my best friend Paula sent me a post from a girl in her triathlon group on Facebook. Melissa (Instagram: @trirunatlgirl) posted a picture of her riding her tri bike at around 200lbs and another of her riding at her current weight after losing 70+lbs. While the picture was certainly inspiring on its own,… Continue reading The Need for “Right Now”

Stuff I Love

Stuff I Love: Toufayan Smart Pockets

I love a good sandwich, and I am always in search of a "better bang for your buck" option when it comes to bread.  A lot of times I have found products marketed as "thin" or "fit" or "smart" end up tasting quite like cardboard.  Yes, I'm excited that I'm getting a healthy serving of… Continue reading Stuff I Love: Toufayan Smart Pockets