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Banking the Miles 2015: June Update

As I finished a hot and sweaty but awesome training run tonight, I realized that tomorrow starts July! Wow. So I logged into my Endomondo to check my miles and got a very nice surprise… I finally reached my goal of 50 miles in a month!!!

June 2015 has been an absolutely amazing month. I got to run my first 5k at Cedar Point, which has been a LONG time coming. And I got a PR at my most recent race, my best race since 2008. I have been doing run/walk intervals, but honestly I don’t even care. There are people out there who think it isn’t really running if you don’t run the whole race but whatever. I love being able to do the running intervals super fast… then rest, but not get lazy, during my walking intervals. Today at the gym I knocked my own freakin’ socks off. It was my first track run in a while, and I completed my fastest 4 mile run ever!

Part of my motivation comes from the fact that I have been losing weight and my body is changing. I have really committed to fitness this month. Out of 30 days in June, I only “rested” on Fridays. Every other day I did something active… whether it was working in the yard, going for a walk, running, biking, going to Zumba or yoga, or cleaning the house. I feel absolutely incredible. The other part of my motivation is that I am following a training plan to be able to run the 10 mile race at The Crim. The price for this race increases on July 10th, so I have a little over a week to really decide if I want to do it! Yes, I can still sign up, but I don’t want to pay the extra fee so I am hoping that I will be able to make up my mind by then.

Anyway… let’s get to the stats!

  • January 2014: 15.40 miles / January 2015: 17.48 miles
  • February 2014: 29.24 miles / February 2015: 18.09 miles
  • March 2014: 27.98 miles / March 2015: 19.08 miles
  • April 2014: 43.68 miles / April 2015: 10.51 miles
  • May 2014: 46.19 miles / May 2015: 33.52 miles
  • June 2014: 22.02 miles / June 2015: 51.10 miles
  • July 2014: 33.19 miles
  • August 2014: 17.15 miles
  • September 2014: 42.27 miles
  • October 2014: 11.30 miles
  • November 2014: 17.27 miles
  • December 2014: 16.50 miles
  • TOTAL 2014: 322 miles / TOTAL 2015: 169 so far… more than halfway to last year’s total!

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