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Race Recap: Canadian Lakes 5k 2016

It’s hard to believe that 4th of July weekend is already upon us. My family is enjoying the holiday weekend up at my parents’ house. And once again the association where my parents live put on a 5k fun run/walk! The race followed the same course as last year and wasn’t officially timed. Last year I achieved a personal record at this race.

Being honest, I wasn’t planning on getting a PR today… I wasn’t even sure that I was going to run it! I decided since it was a fun run I could just run and enjoy it. Lately my pace has been slow… I have been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out what’s different this year versus last year with my training. The conclusions I have come to are this: I’m not doing as much cross training as last year, and it has been way hotter this summer than it was last year. So I was really looking forward to cooler temps this morning for the race… it was about 50 degrees when the race started.

I have to share a little story before I go on with my race recap. Two days ago I had planned on running 3 miles at the gym after work. I was determined to beat my miles from June 2015 and I needed 2.8 to get there. Just before I was going to leave work to head to the gym, my Zumba instructor tagged me in a post on Facebook. Zumba is my favorite cross-training and it was what I was doing on a weekly basis last year when I was getting my PRs. So I decided that I would hurry to the gym and try to get in as much running before Zumba class as I could. I hit the track at the gym, which is 9 laps to the mile. After 3 laps I checked my time – 2:59. WHAT!? I was running a 9 minute per mile pace. So I kept going. 6 laps – 5:55. Even faster! At this point it was almost time for class to start, but I was determined to see what my mile time would be. So I finished all 9 laps… in 8:50. YES. I ran a sub 9 minute mile – killing my previous mile PR!

So back to the race today. Like I said, I wasn’t setting out to get a PR. I actually just bought new shoes yesterday (that’s a whole different story but I went back to more supportive shoes – I’m in Saucony Hurricanes now) and wanted to try them out on the run. Let me tell you – these shoes feel great. Good amount of support, but still able to feel the road, and they felt energizing. Like they were propelling every step forward. I forgot my earbuds, so I ran without music. Lately I have found that I run better without it. I set my Garmin VivoFit for time and checked it when I hit the 1 mile marker – that little thing is pretty accurate! It had me at 1.01 miles when I hit the 1 mile mark, in about 11 minutes. “Alright, good pace!” I thought. “Let’s see if I can keep it up!” I hit the 2 mile mark around 22:30, so a little slower. It was time to go beast mode. I started playing the “pick a runner, pass a runner” game. I ended up passing 3 people, which I’m not sure I have ever done that late in a race. Normally I’m the one getting passed! When the finish line was within sight, I checked my watch, and I was still under 34 minutes – WOW! I ran in the last part of the race hard… and finished in 34:17. According to my VivoFit, it was 3.16 miles, so my pace was 10:51. My brother-in-law walked the race, and he said that his GPS app had him at about 3.2 miles so I feel pretty confident with the VivoFit accuracy!

So you guys… I know it wasn’t officially timed… but that was a PR! My previous PR was the Run For Your Heart in 34:32. My previous time on the same course last year was 34:41. BOO-YAH! Definitely a confidence booster as I continue my training for The Crim and my next half marathon… :)

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